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How does war turn men into humans animals?

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War makes men only want the basic needs of life: Food, sleep, shelter, and survival. Those are what all living creatures (animals) need in order to live (survive).

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How does war turn men into beasts?

in war you get shot by a animal sting and than you become a monster

What are some animals that go to war?

Humans, for sure... The dogs of war, war ponies, mules, donkeys, elephants, and camels have historically been used by humans for the purposes of war. Let's not leave out pigeons -some of them have earned war medals!

Would animals be saved from the bombs?

No most likely we will kill all animals when we have a nuclear war. Humans don't care about anyone but themselves. :(

How are humans better than animals?

The human species can philosophize, practice and understand art, also are the most intelligent animal on earth, and it is the animal that has the most influence on the world in the world. Humans can also be worse than other animals. Animals kills their prey or their predator to survive. Humans kill millions in a war, or kill a person in the street only to steal his money.

Men of war?

Man O War=Warship Men of war=Warships

How many men of war were counted in Israel?

Men of War or Man of War is a warship.

Were there lice in the trenches in world war 1?

Yes, there are lice everywhere there are lots of warm blooded animals in close proximity, humans are no exception.

What are similarities between the monsters are due on maple street and the War of the Worlds?

they both have aliens from outer space attacking earth. however, in war of the worlds, the humans band together and in the monsters are due on maple street, the humans all turn upon each other

Did all the men have to go to war?

well not all men some men stayed and some men work on there home and some went to war so not all men went to war.

What is the duration of Men in War?

The duration of Men in War is -6120.0 seconds.

What myths are there in the world?

About the creation of the Universe, of Earth, of life on Earth, of humans, of the way humans were civilised by a supernatural or alien being, how they received the gift of fire, the war between gods, between gods and men etc.

How many servicemen have killed since the US has been founded?

BATTLE deaths only (Not total deaths): 1. Revolutionary War 4,435 men 2. War of 1812, 2,260 men 3. Indian Wars, 1,000 men 4. Mexican War, 1,733 men 5. Civil War; US 140,414 men/CS 74,524 men 6. Spanish-American War of 1898, 385 men 7. WW1, 53,402 men 8. WW2, 291,557 men 9. Korean War, 33,741 men 10. Vietnam War, 47,424 men

What was the Production Budget for Men of War?

The Production Budget for Men of War was $6,000,000.

In world war 2 why did they send young men to war not older men?

Because young men are stronger and old men are weaker

How did Americans think of themselves at the time after the revolutionary war?

they felt like complete a-- holes and started to turn gay and started to f--- animals

Do you say man-of-wars or men-of-war?

If you are talking about one man in many wars then Man-of-wars. If you are talking about many men in one war the Men-of-war.

What roles did men have?

The men fought in the war

What did men do during World War 1?

the men had to kill people during the war.

What are the release dates for The War on Humans - 2014?

The War on Humans - 2014 was released on: USA: February 2014

How were German soldiers portrayed in US propaganda posters during World War 1?

They were portrayed as barbaric men often compared to animals.

Why did men enlist for world war 2?

Men enlisted in war because they were interested in serving their counrty in time of war.

Why did younger men go to war?

younger men went to war because they might have more skill than older men!!!

Did men fight in World War I?

Yes, many men fought in the world war 1. There were soldiers as well as ordinary men.

What is the pluar from of man of war?

Men of war.

When did the women start doing men jobs in world war 2?

When the men started war