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How does water pollution change the earth's surface?

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moving water change the surface of the earth

7O.78 % of the Earths surface is water.

There could be change in the content of water. It will affect the level of water in the water bodies.

72% of earths surface is covered in water

The water moves sediment, eroding the land from movement of particles.

Most of the earths surface is covered with water. There is land under that water though, below the surface.

No water covers roughly 71% of the Earths surface which is over two thirds of its surface

Organic pollution,Toxic pollution,Eutrophication and Surface water Acidification

the water found below earths surface is called ground water which also has to do with an aquifer and water table

Any form of water that reaches earths surface is called PRECIPITATION

70% or 80% of water covers the earths surface

71.1% of the Earths surface is covered by water.

water can change the earths surface by breaking down rocks into sediment and then the wind blowing them to a different spot to change the earth.(An example is the grand canyon.)

Indian Ocean covers 20% of water on the earths surface.

Hurricanes may move debris and water droplets causing there to be a minor change in the earths surface.

100% of earths surface is covered, but are u talking with water or land?

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface

71% of the earths surface is covered by water :)

8 types of water pollution include: Nutrients Pollution Surface Water Pollution Oxygen Depleting Ground Water Pollution Microbiological Suspended Matter Chemical Water Pollution Oil Spillage

soften the surface and create earthquakes. another version of the grand canyon

The earth's surface changes through erosion, due to wind, water, vegetation, ice or temperature

it will over flood the earths surface with melt water of the ice berg and detroy land under sea level

Granite becomes Sandstone when water erodes the Granite on Earths surface, and then deposits the sediment.

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