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if you place a paper clip on your paper airplane, you may find it improves performance by equalizing the load (weight) and lift (what the wings generate)

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2009-09-18 01:06:00
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Q: How does weight effect paper airplanes?
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Does weight and size effect paper airplanes?

it is a glider

Does weigth effect paper airplanes?

Yes, weight may affect paper airplanes, and this can be seen through a paper airplane's wing loading.

Does thrust effect a paper airplanes?


Do bigger paper airplanes fly farther than smaller paper airplanes?

yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

Do smaller paper airplanes fly farther than bigger paper airplanes?

yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

How design effect paper airplanes?

Design can effect paper airplanes just as it does real aircraft. Paper airplanes can be a huge variety of designs and be specialized, just as real aircraft. This can be for style orfor performance.

Does the length of a paper airplane effect the distance of the airplanes flight?

its cause of paper .

What is the effect of paperclips on paper airplanes?

it makes it drop faster

How does gravity effect paper airplanes?

Gravity affects the paper planes by pushing them downwards. It does not act only on paper planes. It also affects real airplanes. no offence, but that was obvious....... -_-

What are paper airplanes made from?

Paper airplanes are made from paper.

How does drag effect a paper airplane?

Drag effects paper airplane just as it affects anything else that moves. It is either parasitic or induced on paper airplanes. Drag may reduce a paper airplanes speed and/or range.

Why do wing length and plane weight matter with paper airplanes?

The combination of wing area and plane weight affect a paper airplane's glide ratio and range.

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