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It will depend on your own feelings and situations, you will know within yourselt when you feel the time is right. Go by your own instincts, don't feel pressured and listen to your own body signs, be true to yourself, don't rush, it takes time and patience to get back to 'normal'. Look after yourselt first and formost. Psychologically the above answer is absolutely correct. Physically you can get pregnant after two weeks, before your next period. Probably better to wait until after your next period so you have an accurate datefor calculating your due date. Surprisingly, many women have a baby very near the first anniversary of the miscarriage, so they are pregnant within 3 months.

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Q: How early can you get pregnant again after having a miscarriage?
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If you had an early miscarriage how soon can you tell if you are pregnant again?

After a miscarriage you can tell if your pregnant again about 2-3 weeks after the previous pregnancy. Im sorry about your loss. YOu may ovulate about 2 weeks after an early miscarriage so if you have intercourse then you might have a positive test 2 weeks after that.

Do you have to wait 3 months after having a miscarriage to try again?

You should wait until you at least have one normal menstrual cycle after miscarriage to avoid infection in your uterus, but it IS best to wait 3 months to try again. Even with an early miscarriage, your body needs to recover and it takes about 3 months for your uterus and hormones to return to normal after pregnancy. There is a greater than normal chance of having another miscarriage if you start trying again too early. The longer you were pregnant before miscarriage also affects the amount of time it takes for your body to return to normal. Talk to your doctor.

Can you have a long light period during early pregnancy?

Yes you could. But be careful. If you're pregnant , you might have the chance of having a miscarriage

May have had a miscarriage you passed tissue but you did not save it and didnt think anything of it until you just started your period again i had no other signs or symptoms of a miscarriage?

Were you diagnosed as pregnant? If you were in fact pregnant and now started you period again you "did" have a miscarriage. In the early stages of pregnancy a miscarriage is not always going to have any major symptioms. Discharging tissue could be something else if you weren't pregnant. I would see a doctor if you continue to have such discharge in the future.

Why can't i get pregnant after having a miscarriage?

miscarriage that is, after the first pregnancy,Not been able to continue, miscarriage can occur at an early stage,There are many reasons for miscarriage,More than three times that of spontaneous abortion may be that some pathological reasons, illness caused by this situation.

Can you have period like cramps and be pregnant?

You can have cramping without pain. That is Braxton-Hixs contraction. But if you are having pain go to your DR. ASAP. You could be having early labor or a miscarriage.

How early during pregnancy can you have a miscarriage?

You can miscarry as early as when you find out you are pregnant or earlier. I just had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, and I know several people that have had one later.

Can you get pregnant right after a miscary?

The conditions for getting pregnant after a miscarriage are similar to those for pregnant under "normal" circumstances. After all, a miscarriage is nothing else than an "way too early birth" of child (however small or developed). So to get pregnant: * you have to be virile overall, no reproductive problems * you have to be in the right period of your cycle * your womb is recovered from your miscarriage and "ready to receive" again. Rule of thumb to know it is: you have had a couple of periods again after your miscarriage. * and naturally you have had intercourse with a virile male partner... How quickly you can get pregnant again after your miscarriage under normal circumstances thus depends on the availability of a egg, sperm, and a womb that is ready to receive.

I had a very early miscarriage last month now I'm 4 days late am i prego?

Most likely no. You have to start ovulating again before you can get pregnant again. After my miscarriage I was 10 days late for my next period. Your cycle will be very irregular at least for a little while.

What if you had intercourse after 2 weeks of a miscarriage?

There are those who start ovulate this early so you can get pregnant.

How do you kno if you having a miscarriage but didn't know you were pregnant?

It could of been a chemical pregnancy it means your positive for pregnancy yet then you bleed the egg fertilizes but does not inplant hence the bleeding. I may have been a miscarriage Most don't know their pregnant being so early in it they mistake it for a period.

If you had a VERY heavy period and are now lightly spotting again and 4 months ago you had a 2nd trimester miscarriage is it possible to be pregnant even though you just had your period?

They say that you can have a very heavy period and that is a sign of early miscarriage. Most woman have a miscarriage early in the first 3 weeks and didnt even know they were pregnant. They just thank that they are having a very heavy period and then they experience spotting also. More then 50% of pregnancy dont make it past the first 4 weeks and most woman dont ever know that they were expecting. From everything that I have read its not common to bleed heavy if your pregnant. I would check with your doctor. If you feel that you may be pregnant he-she can do a blood test.

How high is the risk of having a miscarriage when you get pregnant with an IUD in place?

There is a slightly greater risk than normal. Nothing too bad, but a small one. If you are early in your pregnancy, you can get a doctor to remove it.

Are periods heavier when trying to get pregnant?

No. The body doesn't know you are trying to get pregnant when you start menstruating. There is nothing that would do that. If you are pregnant and have a early miscarriage you would bleed more.

How many months after a miscarriage is safe for pregnancy?

It may depend on the reason for the miscarriage and how far into the pregnancy she was. There is no reason not to start trying again right away, after a very early miscarriage - with your doctor's OK.

Could I still be pregnant despite having had 2 positive home pregnancy tests but negative quantitative blood test?

Hello. Do you mean QUANTITATIVE or QUALIATIVE? If it was a qualifiative then you can definitely still be pregnant. If it was a quantitative then chances are you aren't pregnant hun and the HPTs were faulty or you had a early miscarriage. Im very sorry if you had a miscarriage. Hoever, I would get a retest done to find out. Blood test I mean. :-)

Can you have heavy vaginal bleeding and still be pregnant?

You cannot be in the early stages of pregnancy and have heavy vaginal bleeding, unless you are having a threatened miscarriage. In this case you need to confirm your pregnancy and see your Doctor.

Can a woman give birth when she is 3 months and a half pregnant?

No that would be a miscarriage. No baby will survive it that early.

Can you get pregnant with out an period?

Are you wondering if you can get pregnant without having had your first period? Well, yes you can. If you're having unprotected sex when your first menstrual cycle is starting, then you can get pregnant witout having had a period first. That'd be unsuitably early to start having sex, and terribly early to become pregnant.

How soon would you feel the stretching in your uterus during pregnancy?

That can being as early as six weeks -- sometimes early if you have been pregnant in the past. If the cramping you feel is accompanied by blood or is excrutiating, contact your OBs office at once as you could be having a miscarriage.

How long after you miscarriage can you try again on another baby?

If your miscarriage took place in last stages of pregnancy, or if in your miscarriage any kind of surgery was done, you should wait more than six months to try again so that your body comes back to normal position and you also mentally prepare yourself to try for another baby. But if miscarriage occurs in early stages of pregnancy, like within three months, and your bleeding stopped within 10 or some more days, then you can try immediately after miscarriage and there is no need to wait long. Recent studies show that if a woman get pregnant again after a miscarriage within six months, her chances of a healthy pregnancy are far more than those who get pregnant after six months. However you should wait for a normal period after miscarriage and when a normal period comes, you can try to get pregnant again after this period. This is because if you get pregnant immediately after miscarriage and do not wait for a normal period, you will have no exact date of start of your pregnancy as well as LMP. So it is advised to wait for a normal period. My advise is also that you try again after a normal period after the miscarriage, and try immediately after that period and do not wait any more. There is no need at all to wait for more than one normal period. Hope this is the answer to your question.

Could you have had a miscarriage if you didn't even know you were pregnant?

Yes, especially if you were very early along. An early miscarriage (up to 7 or 8 weeks) would come on and just feel and look like a period with cramps etc. Somewhere around 25 - 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. And of those 40% are when the women did not even realize they were pregnant.

Can a pregnant woman use aspirin while shes pregnant?

If you take aspirin around the time of conception and in early pregnancy, this could increase your risk of miscarriage.

If you had a miscarriage and didn't see a doctor can that be bad?

If you had an early miscarriage and the pain and bleeding have now stopped and you feel ok physically there should be no problems. If you are still having pain in your belly/having an offensive discahrge/feel unwell then you may not have had a complete miscarriage and need to see a doctor.

Can sperm cause miscarriage at early stage of pregnancy?

No, sperm doesn't cause early miscarriage.