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As soon as you miss a period. Taking it any earlier may make the result inaccurate.

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Q: How early should a pregnancy test be taken?
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How early can a pregnancy test be taken?

To be sure you can try after a week.

If you are on your period when should a PREGNANCY TEST be taken?

If you are on your period there is generally no reason for a pregnancy test as this indicates that you are NOT pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test if you MISS a period.

Is it too early to take a pregnancy test or should I wait?

you should wait 2 to 3 weeks after to get a home pregnancy test

When pregnancy test should be taken?

A pregnancy test should be taken after your first missed period, however there are a few tests which you can take at least 6 days before your missed period.

Should pregnancy test be taken in empty stomach?


Does a line going across on a pregnancy test always mean that you are not preagnet?

No. Home pregnancy tests are not 100 percent accurate and reliable. Also you may have taken the test to early and should try again in a few days.

When after a missed period should a pregnancy test be taken?

When you miss a period , you should take a pregnancy test at once, because you could very well be pregnant.

When should be the the test for pregnancy through blood test can be taken?

If you are a woman, you may take the pregnancy test at any time. If you are a man, you do not need to take the test; you are not pregnant.

You are 12 days late for your period you took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative when should you take the next test?

You should go get a pregnancy test taken at the doctors office.

Is 10 days after possible conception too early for an accurate result of pregnancy test?

Yes, 10 days is a bit too early for an accurate result of a pregnancy test. You should take a pregnancy test anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for an acurate result on a pregnancy test.

How early should you miss your period to know am pregnant?

This question makes no sense, you either miss your period or you don't - you can't miss your period early. If you're worried about pregnancy then a pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after you last had sex.

When should you take a early pregnancy test?

Perhaps when you suspect that your pregnant.

When is the soonest you can take a pregnancy test?

Hello, In my opinion you can perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after sexual intercourse & the test should be accurate. A blood test can be performed as early as 7 days after conception has taken place. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a medical expert.

Can you still be pregnant if you are two months late and you took a home test but the result is not pregnant?

A home pregnancy test is most likely to be accurate if it is positive meaning if you had a negative test you should be monitoring if you could be pregnant. You could have taken the home test too early to detect pregnancy. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor and get a test done there to rule out pregnancy.

Should you take another test after getting a positive result for pregnancy?

Usually your health care professional will want to test you for pregnancy in the first visit, even if you have taken the Home Test and she or he has visually observed the changes of early pregnancy. It really is not necessary to use the test more than once, after seeing a positive result.

Should early morning blood be given for pregnancy test?

Yes the early blood should be given to get a correct reading.

Is it possible for at home pregnancy test to be wrong if your still experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

It is definitely possible for an at home pregnancy test to be wrong. It can depend on the type of test or you could have taken it too early. Wait a little longer and go to the doctor.

Is it possible for a home pregnancy test to detect pregnancy before a blood pregnancy test?

no a blood pregnancy test can scan for lower levels of pregnancy hormones then a pregnancy test. a blood test can usually be taken after two weeks ovulatsion. depending on when you ovulated if you know i surgest if you wish to find out if your pregnant before your missed period that you use a pregnancy test whitch can detect the pregnancy hormones 6 days early. it will be best for you to take this test with the first pee in the morning.

Is 5 weeks too early to take a home pregnancy test?

By five weeks after you believe you conceived a home pregnancy test should be accurate and reliable.

Should I take a blood test for pregnancy testing?

Yes you should take a blood test. It is more accurate & can be taken sooner than a urine test.

Is it to early to take a pregnancy test a 2 days after your missed period?

No, that should be fine

If your early one month for your period and late the next month How late can the period be And should a pregnancy test be taken?

What does a inconclusive home pregnancy test really mean?

It may mean that you have taken the test to early, best to go and see your doctor or wait for a week and take another test.

Can you feel lightheaded in early pregnancy?

Yes, you definitely can feel light-headed in early pregnancy. Many people have dizzy spells. If you've already missed your period, you should take a pregnancy test.

What test should be done to confirm pregnancy?

a pregnancy test

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