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its cheaper to make a plastic from scratch !!

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Q: How efficient is the PET plastic recycling process?
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How do you identify a PET plastic bottle?

Look on the bottom of the bottle. The number 1 in the recycling triangle tells you it is a PET bottle.

PET recycling what does PET stand for?

PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate. It's a high quality plastic resin in the polyester family. It is used widely in soft drink bottles.

What type of polymer is a coke bottle made from PE PC etc?

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), this is plastic recycling type #1

Where is the World's largest plastic recycling plant located?

"CarbonLite is World's Largest Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant. It is the world's largest "bottle-to-bottle" plastic recycling plant which is located in Riverside, Calif.It was founded by plastics entrepreneur, Leon Farahnik, CarbonLITE is based on the philosophy of Bottle-to-Bottle, Closed-Loop, recycling. CarbonLITE has become the largest producer of food-grade Post-consumer Recycled PET in the world. Each year over 6 billion bottles are recycled to be remade a new.The CarbonLITE system converts used plastic bottles made of PET back into the plastic resin, which is then used to create entirely new bottles.

What happens to a plastic bottle after it has been sorted?

Because of the energy lost in the recycling process. Recycled goods must be extensively processed, while a reused container doesn't have to be processed at all. This means that the water, electricity, and other materials that are consumed in the recycling process are saved.

Can wrapping paper be recycled?

Yes. All plastic is recyclable. Most plastic recyclers can separate the easy stuff, like PET bottles, for separate recycling. Plastic straws are not easy to recycle, so they would end up with the rest. Sometimes the rest is then recycled together to make a lower grade plastic.

What is the process for recycling plastic bottles?

Chop them into little pieces, rinse the pieces in water, melt them, blow new bottles.They wash them, grind them up and melt them to turn them back into resin, which they then use like it was virgin PET resin.

How much does recycling a PET water bottle reduce its carbon footprint?

The half.

What type of plastic can you recycle?

Many plastics can be recycled, but your local recycler may only recycle a few kinds of plastic. Check with them.PET plastic (Number 1) (soft drink bottles) is recycled easily and is probably in demand.

How long does it take for a water bottle to breakdown?

It takes depends on the type of plastic, but no one is certain how long any type of plastic takes to break down. Many early plastic toys from the 60's are beginning to break down significantly. However, clear water bottles like Dasini and most other brands use PET. PET is a relatively modern plastic so there is little information on its degradation. In any case it takes about 1 week for a water bottle to break down with recycling it .

How much does new zealand recycle?

Each New Zealander consumes approximately 31 kg of plastic packaging per year and recycles 5.58kg (MfE, 2002).Over 60% of New Zealanders have access to community recycling and this is rapidly growing (MfE, 2002).The Government aims for 95% of the population to have access to recycling facilities by 2005 (MfE,2002).Plastic recycling has more than doubled over the last 5 years (PNZ, 2002).In 2002 New Zealanders recycled 30,190 tonnes of plastic (PNZ, 2003).25-30% of PET (1) and HDPE (2) packaging produced in NZ is recovered (PNZ, 2002).Our plastic packaging recycling rate (18%) is comparable with Australia (17%) and with most European countries which range from 7% to 22%. Germany (31.1%) and Ireland (3%) are at the extreme.

What does PET on a plastic material mean?

PET means plastics are produced in a certain way.