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How far Leicester to Manchester in miles?


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Roughly 108 miles - or about two hours traveling by road.


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105 miles taking this route:Take M1 to The NORTH, from Leicester, to A616 to MANCHESTER at J35A.Take A616 to A628 to MANCHESTER.Take A628 to M67 to MANCHESTER.Take M67 to Manchester.

From Nottingham to Leicester it's about 31 miles, depending on where from in Nottingham to where in Leicester.

Birmingham to Leicester is 34.84 miles / 56.07 kilometres

Leicester is about 86 miles (137 kilometers) north of London Heathrow Airport.

It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester

Approximately sixty miles from England's east coast (the coast closest to Leicester).

Manchester is about 30 miles away :)

It is about 270 miles from Worthing to Manchester.

Leek to Manchester is 30.8 miles.

115 miles following A47 PETERBOROUGH.

Gainsborough to Manchester is 72 miles by road.

The driving distance from Scotland to Leicester, UK is approximately 307 miles / 493 km

Manchester is approximately 30 miles to the east of Liverpool.

About 400 miles between Cornwall to Manchester.

99.75 by rail and approximately 120 by road.

The distance from Manchester to Melbourne is 10550 miles (16978 km).

There are about 143.557 miles between Norfolk, England and Manchester, England.

Dover, Kent to Manchester is about 300 miles.

The coastline of Wales is about 1300 miles long, so your distance could vary significantly, Manchester to Bagillt is about 50 miles, Manchester to Swansea is about 200 miles.

Driving distance is a little over 43 miles

165 miles taking this route:Take A55, from Holyhead, to M56 MANCHESTER; follow signs.Take M56 across to M6 (S) to BIRMINGHAM at J9.Take M6 down to A50 DERBY at J15.Take A50 across to M1 (SOUTH) to LEICESTER.Take M1 to Leicester.

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