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How far along are you in your pregnancy if your last period was three months ago?


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ovulation occurs about 2 weeks from the first day of your last period. a great website that will calculate everything for you and show you what the baby looks like at every week is This site will even give you a due date!

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Through most of your pregnancy sometimes. I had my period and I was pregnant with my daughter for three months.

A period of three months; especially one of the three three-month periods into which human pregnancy is divided.

By the doctor's calculations, the time you conceived is the first day of your last period. So that would make you three months along. In reality, you're about 2 1/2 to 3 months along. I have to hope that you have been to the doctor because it's most important to have your first visit within the first trimester. If you are three months pregnant, you don't have long until you are in the second.

The first three months of pregnancy

If you are having your periods then you are not pregnant. It is possible to have a "period" while you're pregnant (see iVillage article). Also, from experience I had light periods for all but the last three months of my pregnancy when my daughter was born.

It can be as early as one month into your pregnancy or as late as eight months into your pregnancy. Its different in every woman. But dont be worried if you dont experience breast tenderness till your three months along.

miscarriage, stillbirth, or damage to the fetus during the first trimester (three months) of pregnancy.

If there's nine months in a pregnancy then divide by three to get a trimester. Therefore there are three months in a trimester

You could be pregnant. Have a blood test done to see. My Mom had her period with all three of her children until she was 5-6 months along with us.

Hi there. :-) During pregnancy a woman can not have a normal period. But you can experience light period bleeding around the time you would expect your period for the first three months. But any bleeding during early pregnancy does need to be reported to your doctor so they can make sure the pregnancy is progressing well and the Foetus is viable.

It is possible! I have a friend who found out she was seven months pregnant after having her period for six months. Although she thought she was only one month. She was sixteen at the time, so it could have been her age. Answer Yes it's possible it happened to my aunt when she was pregnant with her first child. She had a period for the first four months of her pregnancy she didn't even know until she had a check up and found out she was. The same thing happened with her second child as well.

Most pregnancy symtoms do not start till you are around two months pregnant, yet some do not experience any till well after three months. It is also common to have a late period. Some woman miss a period once in a while. If you want to be sure, get a blood test done. A pregnancy blood test is 100% positive.

Of course you can fly the first three months of your pregnancy. That is the best time to fly. Now, the last three months, some airlines won't let you fly. They make your doctor sign a disclaimer. Some don't care. I have a friend that flew from Australia to France at eight months of pregnancy.

Take it when you are supposed to ovulate and in the morning with your first urin.

Trimester= three simesters. If pregnancy lasts nine months, common sense would lead me to believe the 2nd trimester is three months.

Three months is a long time to miss a period! if you are on birth control of any sort that might be what is causing this. If you took a recent pregnancy test chances are that you are not pregnant, you should talk to your doctor though to find out why you are not having periods. ~pawsalmighty

No, The only way to terminate a pregnancy during the first three months is an abortion with a doctor.

Tri = 3.A pregnancy is 9 months, there are three trimesters. Meaning there are three periods of time lasting three months. A trimester is 3 months.

They are very similar, however not all woman have either of them. Biggest way to tell them apart? PMS happen before a period is do, PMS - pre menstrual symptoms, and pregnancy symptoms usually do not start till a woman is around three months pregnant. That would be well two to three months after the first missed period.

This is difficult to say. First you need to know why you haven't had a period in 3 months - so see your Doctor. Any time you have sex without a condom, if you're ovulating every month then you're at risk of pregnancy. The risk is about 1% which is low risk.

I will go for the pregnancy test. You can be virgin and still get pregnancy due to mutual handling of genitals with your boy friend. I spotted the three months pregnancy of my student this way. If there is no pregnancy, the missing period may be due to psychological stress.

There are no confirmed reports of how far along Fergie is in her pregnancy. The pregnancy was announced in February 2013 which would usually mean that the woman has been carrying the baby for three months already. It would therefore be an educated guess that the baby is due in August.

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

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