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why do people bule2 arrogant to me,

what I'am because Indonesian people?

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Q: How far along are you when implantation bleeding starts?
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What does it mean if you Implantation bleeding after menstural cycle?

Your menstrual cycle doesn't affect implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself into the uterine lining (which would confirm pregnancy, but at this time you will not get a positive pregnancy test because you are not far enough along yet).

Im pregnant and you were bleeding?

You don't say how far along you are or how much bleeding. Spotting is not uncommon and especially during implantation. If you are worried and bleed a lot contact your doctor.

How far along are you if a pregnancy test was positive and you're on birth control pills and your last real period was a month ago but you had a little bleeding a couple of weeks ago?

That little bleeding was probably implantation bleeding, I would guess you are about 4 weeks pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

How far into your pregnancy can you experience vaginal bleeding?

At least 3 to 4 months along

What are the signs of having a miscarraige?

Heavy spotting or bleeding. Depends on how far along you are. Consult a doctor!

What is the difference between a light period and implantation?

As far as I know, a light period is just that...a light period. Implantation bleeding usually occurs a couple days before your period is due, and is just spotting, usually pink-ish or light brown in colour.

Does bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy mean you are having a miscarriage?

I was bleeding red blood but then brown blood does that mean I'm having a miscarriage? Ans: Not necessarily, you didn't say how far along you were, but it could be implantation bleeding, irritated cervix (from intercourse, exam, etc) or could be old blood which was in place to protect the pregnancy in it's earliest stages, but the growing uterus expelled it. If you are still worried, go see your doc.

How far along am i had a normal period in aug and dark spotting for two days in sept which should you go by to calculate your pregnancy?

From what I have been reading about implantation bleeding I would say that the dark spotting is that. I would say that you should estimate a week before the dark spotting and that is when you got pregnant.

How far along are you before the baby can hear?

Hearing starts around 20 weeks.

Do you always feel when implantation takes place?

As far as I am aware you don't feel when implantation takes place.

Can this be implantation bleeding you were due on the 28 September but you started bleeding today that is third October 6 days later it medium to heavy flow is it a period or implantation bleeding?

If you have had a pos test then yes it can be. A good rule is if the blood is brown rarther than red then it's all good so far. I had what i considered a period when i feel pg, and when i went for my first scan i was 15 weeks not 12 as i thourght. Hope this gives you hope. Go to for good advice.

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