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Technically a 12 gauge shotgun does not shoot a single bullet. It fires small lead balls from .25 inches in diameter to 1mm in diameter or less. Shotguns are also cabable of firing a slug which is esentially a very heavy bullet. The range depends on the angle of the barrel relative to the ground. in theory it begins to drop as it exits the muzzle.

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Q: How far can a 12 gauge gun shoot until the bullet starts to drop?
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How far can you shoot a 12 gauge gun until the bullet starts to drop?

Due to gravity, the bullet starts to drop the second it leaves the barrel. You can calculate the drop by factoring mass and velocity with gravity (9.8 m/s²).

How far can a 12 gauge slug gun shoot until the bullrt starts to drop?

It starts to drop the instant it leaves the barrel

What happen to a bullet shoot into the air?

It travels through the air, acted on by friction and gravity, until it encounters another material.

How far can a m16 shoot until it drops?

With ALL firearms, the bullet begins to drop due to gravity the instant that it leaves the barrel. To shoot at targets farther away, the rifle is aimed at a point above the target, and gravity draws the bullet down into the target.

How fast does a 357 bullet go?

They depends on the weather, the aiming degree. For instance if you're shooting upwards, the bullet will slow down until it starts falling down, which will increase the speed.

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Will a Rival 12 gauge double barrel shoot ammunition manufactured now?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE MODERN AMMUNITION until a good gunsmith checks it out.

Safety rules for firearms?

Treat all firearms as if they were loaded until you have checked the firearm yourself. Do not load a firearm until ready to use it. Do not point a firearm at anything you do not mean to destroy. Keep the safety on, and your finger OUT of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. Know your target, and what is BEYOND your target. Do not shoot at hard objects or at water- this can cause the bullet to ricochet

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How far can you shoot a 12 gauge until it hits the ground?

That will depend on the size of the shot, and not the gauge. Fired across level ground with the largest buckshot, a shotgun has a maximum range of between 600 and 700 yards. Not a usable range- just the furthest that shot will travel.

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