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How far can the Albatross fly at one time?


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The question has no simple answer because it it is imprecise. They feed by taking food from the surface of the sea or by diving and may not touch land for years when immature, but they have to feed and to do that they have to stop flying.


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Out of the listed birds, the only one that can fly is the albatross.

Wandering Albatross fly for prodigeous distances, but the Pacific is one huge area of water. How much time have you got ?

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An albatross lays one egg every two years. This helps the bird maintain its health and condition.

one albatross meets another albatross and they call everyone to come

yes. i only know this because this is what one of my FCAT passages was about this year

Many can be seen far out to sea; perhaps one of the more common would be the albatross.

look at one and find out

Doves can fly far in one day. Sometimes they fly to finds grit or little stones because they have no teeth. But they don"t fly at night.

An albatross will usually breed every other year, laying one egg. Albatrosses mate for life and spend the longest time of any bird incubating their egg and then even more time raising the chick.

Going about 10 mph for about one min.

One of the adaptations of an albatross is something called dynamic soaring. It has a long wingspan for a long period of flight.

a flamingo can fly for 373 miles straight at 31 miles per hour in one night.

An Albatross or a Hole in One.

There are two birds in this film. The albatross' name is Wilbur (the one Bernard and Bianca fly on to get to Australia). The Eagle's name is Marahute. Hope this helped.

About 100-200 miles one way.

A seagull making good use of the wind may fly more than 1,000 kilometres in one day.

A duck,pelican, or an albatross.

A Hole in One, or an Albatross.

Well, sailors often saw an albatross as an ill omen. They were thought to represent a coming storm and killing one was supposed to bring bad luck. Despite of this it was common for sailors to kill and feed on them during long trecks at sea. In an epic poem written by Coleridge a sailor kills an albatross and is punished by having an albatross hanging on his neck. One of the more popular myths is that an albatross was a manifestation of the soul of a drowned sailor.

An albatross lays only one egg at a time, which both parents take turns incubating. The egg has to be incubated for 70 to 80 days or even longer, depending on the species of albatross. That is the longest incubation period of any bird. Albatrosses mate for life but usually only reproduce every other year.

Actually yes they were able to fly at one period of time. But only for a short period of time, eventually their flippers started to evolve in a way that was disabling them to fly.

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