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How far can the universe expand?

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One theory is, that it will continue to expand forever because the velocity at which it is expanding will over come the gravitational effect of the galaxies on each other.

Another Theory is that due to Gravitational pull, the galaxies will start to pull each back towards a central point and start of a new Big Bang. This is called the Oscillatory Theory

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How far will the universe expand?

The universe will expand forever, there is no limit as it still expands today

Do the universe expand?

Yes, the universe expand.

How does the universe expand?

Isotropically, as far as we can tell. More interesting is what does it expand into. At the boundary of the universe there isn't anything - including space. Perhaps the voidness draws the space/energy/matter towards it.

Is the universe everything?

the universe can not be everything because there has to be space for it to expand into

What happened to universe right after big bang?

It began to expand in size. There is a hole at that point in our knowledge of the early universe but without a doubt the universe began to expand.

Why do galaxies expand?

They don't expand. There just leftover from the explosion of the universe.

What will become of the universe?

It will continue to expand

Does a coasting universe expand forever?

Yes, a coasting universe will always expand. For more informaton read Edwin Hubble's Law.

How can the origin of the universe expand?

The origin of the universe doesn't really change at all.

How big does the universe expand?

it keeps on expanding

If the universe was expanding with 0 acceleration what would the age of the universe be?

The universe simply cant expand at 0 acceleration.

Is there a point where the universe stops?

To man's knowledge, there is no point at which the universe ends. Scientists believe that the universe is infinite and continuing to expand.

What is a universe that will continue to expand forever called?

Mathematically, it's called an "open" universe. As best we can tell as of now, our Universe is open.

What actually formed the universe?

actually it all started at a explosion called the big bang first the universe was stuck inside the explosion untill the universe began to expand inside this explosion pushing and making this explosion expand, finally when the explosion exploded the universe was formed

How many miles does the universe expand per second?

The universe expands 45 miles every second.

How far is it to the end of the universe?

"A end of the universe" are not existing! The universe is endless.

What will the universe do if a cosmological constant is positive?

It will expand more rapidly.

What this scientist did to expand your knowledge of the Universe?

Do you have a specific scientist in mind??

Does red shift expand the universe?

Redshift does not expand the universe. Redshift is a physical quantity that is used to describe the expansion of the universe. The current time has a redshift of zero. at redshift 1, the universe was half the size it is now. At redshift 2, the universe was 1/3 the size it is now, and so on. if redshift is z, then (size of universe at redshift z)/(current size of universe)= 1/(z+1)

Does the universe continue to contract shrink expand or stay the same as a result of the initial big bang according to scientists?

According to scientists the universe continues to expand as a result of the initial big bang.

Is there is space outside universe to make it expand?

No. It is space itself that is expanding.

How much distance does the universe expand?

a parsec distance which is 3.26 lightyears

Is the universe infinitely expanding or does it expand to a particular limit?

This question has been giving nightmares to cosmologists for years.But with the current evidences, scientists have determined that the universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate and it will expand forever.

How far away is the end of the universe?

There is no end of the universe. The universe goes on for ever and ever.

Why does the universe contract and expand?

It has yet to be seen if the universe contracts. Evidence suggests it is expanding at the moment. Red shift etc.