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Like on Earth you can see millions of light years into space.

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Q: How far could you see if you were on the moon?
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Can you see all planets from the moon?

no you could not cause Pluto is too far away to see from the moon and plants froms the other end of the galxel

Why aren't moon buggies that were left behind visible on the Moon's surface?

In relation to the size of the moon, they are tiny, and we are so far from the moon. Even the astronauts orbiting the moon could not see them.

Why can't you see the Moon lander on the Moon?

The Moon is much too far away to see anything as small as the lander.

When Galileo looked at the moon with a telescope what did he see?

He could see the craters on the moon.

On nights when we see the new Moon phase what side of the moon are we seeing?

far side of the moon

How often do yo see the far side of the moon?

Only 21 people have ever seen the far side of the Moon; they are all the Apollo astronauts. Since nobody has gone to the Moon in the last 45 years, most people NEVER see the far side of the Moon.

When the moon is in its new phase what can you infer about the opposite side of the moon?

The far side of the moon is always opposite of the visible side. When the moon is new, it is between the Sun and the earth. Since we see the dark side of the moon, the opposite side must be fully lit by the sun. Likewise when we see a gibbous moon, the far side would be a crescent. When we see a full moon, the far side is in complete darkness.

Is there a far side of the moon?

The far side of the moon is constantly changing because the earth rotates, the moon rotates, and the moon orbits the earth. Technically the "far side of the moon" is the dark side you don't see, but there is no point on the moon that is always farthest away from the earth

Why do you never see the far side of the moon?

You never see the far side of the moon because the moon rotates around Earth much, much faster than it revolves on it's axis. Hope this helped!

Is the far side of the moon ever dark?

Yes. The far side of the moon is dark when we see a full moon. It is partially dark at all phases other than the new moon.

Why is there a near side and a far side of the moon?

We only ever see the same side of the moon. The other side is called the far side or "the dark side of the moon"

Do you see moons or rings?

You see the moon. Rings are too far away from Earth to see.

Why can you not see the new moon?

We only see the Moon because it reflects light from the Sun. During a new moon, the far side is illuminated, and the near side is not.

Why can you see the craters of the moon so clearly on earth?

Because the earth is not very far from the moon

Why are there two craters on the far side of the moon?

There can be craters anywhere on the moon, not just the side we see

How far is the earth from the moon and the sun?

See related questions

How far do you have to be to see whole side of earth?

you have to be near the moon

What couldn't you see if you lived on the far side of the moon?

The earth !

Is the dark (far) side of moon always dark?

No. The far side of the moon is usually partially illuminated by the sun and is only completely dark during the full moon. The far side of the moon is fully lit during the new moon phase. It is called the "dark" side of the moon because we never see it.

What are the faces on the moon at night?

The "faces" are just "wrinkles," or imperfections, on the moon. The moon is like the earth and has valleys, and mountains. From far, far away, we see "faces" because of the wrinkles.

Which monument can you seen from moon?

From the Moon all you can see is planet Earth, the Moon is too far away to see any detail such as a monument on Earth with the naked eye.

Could you see earth if you were standing on the dark side of the moon?

The "dark side of the Moon" refers to the side of the Moon which is dark; as in, not in the sunlight. At the "new moon", the entire visible face of the Moon is "the dark side of the Moon". Using the phrase "dark side of the Moon" to refer to the FAR side of the Moon signifies intellectual laziness.

What if the moon was further away?

then we could not see it

Why can you not always see the moon?

because the moon is orbiting the earth so sometimes in the northern hemesphere you could see the moon and in the southern you don't.

IF you could observe he moon from space what would happen?

You would see the moon.