How far did Louis XVIII succeed in securing the French throne by 1824?

The Count de Provence, the later Louis XVIII, restored the bourbon restoration in 1814, though he had no reigning power, he was only King in name.

Provence had always been sickly jealous of his brother Louis XVI, because he wanted to become King himself and thought Louis XVI wasn't good enough. He was the one spreading dreadful pamphlettes about the royal family that really damaged their reputation and popularity.

Also, during the revolution, on the 10-year-old king's death (Louis XVII) in the Temple prison on 8 June 1795, Provence proclaimed himself King Louis XVIII, despite claims that Louis XVI had written papers shortly before his execution and given them to his lawyer, Malesherbes, accusing his brother of having betrayed the royal cause out of personal ambition and barring him from the succession to the throne. This was true. Provence had betrayed the royal family. Louis's (largely symbolic) efforts to reverse the results of the French Revolution quickly made him unpopular. But, unskilled, he made an assortment of errors, favoring members of the Ancien Régime too often. In addition, his cool and aloof behavior alienated many. Although he managed to suffice for the people of France while Napoleon was being exiled, he ruined all that he had done. He killed the economy even more, took away educational sources from the young people of France, and abolished many of Napoleon's reforms, including the "Civil/Napoleonic Code". This was a big blow to the people of France, and they longed for their ruler, realizing it was a large mistake to have sent him off. Provence, Louis XVIII died in 1824 and was succeeded by his brother Count Artois, Charles X, who also was only King in name and had no reigning power. He reigned until 1830.