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How far did the plates move in the 1964 Alaskan earthquake?


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about 100 or less kilometers. the Alaskan earthquake lasted about 5 minutes and had a magnitude of 9.2 in Richter scale. that was a very destructive earthquake since it is the third strongest earthquake read by the seismograph in the world and the strongest in North America.

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earthquake zone or in the boundry of tectonic plates

The earth's plates move slowly because how big the earthquake is he bigger the amount the plates will move and the slower the earthquake is the less it moves.

The plates rub together causing the rocks to move and it causes the ground to shake forming an earthquake. The more the plates move, the bigger the earthquake number.

Tectonic plates influence earthquakes because of convection cells that move the plates around. When the plates collide, they cause a shockwave of energy released in the form of a earthquake.

Lithospheric plates, which also are called tectonic plates, move towards or away from each other when an earthquake occurs.

An earthquake moves due to the plates under the Earth's crust moving

Earthquakes dont move the friction in tectonical plates makes the ground vibrate (shake) causing the earthquake

because it has techtonic plates and the plates started to move but they rubbed against each other and caused the land to move as well and the earthquake was so powerful that it caused an underwater earthquake called a tsunami.

When tectonic plates move and shift

an earthquake is when two plates move and destroys everything around it.

The world is made up of plates. These plates are floating on top of lava. The plates move, and eventually start to press together., causing vibrations. This is called an earthquake.

If plates move and earthquake is produce! But it depends in the way it moves because it can form volcanoes and mountain too

An earthquake can happen in three ways. Tectonic plates can slide past each other. Tectonic plates move toward each other or tectonic plates move away from each other.

Buildings Collapse during an earthquake because when the tectonic plates under the ground shift, it causes the buildings to move with the plates.

Becuase when the tectonic plates shift or move, it creates an earthquake. so the closer to the tectonic plates, the more strong the earthquake.

A earthquake happens when plates move under the ground.

When Antonia jumps about an earthquake is when the tectonic plates move about and shake

An earthquake happens and there is many types

Tectonic plates under earths crust move.

The earthquake happends because of heat and pressure.when tectonic plates move and when they get stuck the plates put pressure and earthquakes happends on the boundry.

ThE tEcT0nIc plAtes are the plates which move around the earth and earthquake creates tectonic plate

The tectonic plates move, then there is an earthquake. The earthquake needs to be under the sea floor. This will trigger tsunamis.

The two plates move together and when they move together cause seismic waves which start the Earthquake. There can be after shocks form the Earthquake going days upon end after the earthquake, there are different types of earthquake.

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