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How far did the radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima travel?

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they never mesured it in Hiroshima but one droped in the U.S. came up with 300 miles

-That is about the size of Bensalem to Pittisburg

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What is travel time from Nagoya to Hiroshima?

According to Google Maps, it is 483 km from Nagoya to Hiroshima.

Can radiation travel though space?

All types of radiation can travel through space.

Does beta radiation stop by through paper?

Beta Radiation can travel through paper. Alpha cannot travel through paper. Gamma Radiation can travel through paper Easily.

What things does radiation travel through?

Radiation will travel through almost anything if its frequency is high enough.

Can radiation travel through a vacuum?

Yeah, radiation can travel in vacuum and a practical example of it is the radiation of sun coming to earth and traveling through space.

What is the travel time by airplane from Tokyo to Hiroshima?

About 2 hours

Why can heat radiation travel through a vaccum?

Heat radiation is electromagnetic waves, and those travel best in a vacuum.

What can infrared radiation travel through?

Infrared radiation can only travel through empty space or transparent objects

Which can travel through empty space out of insulator convection electomagnetic conduction or radiation?

Radiation can travel through empty space. The radiation in question is electromagnetic waves.

How does the process of travelling heat from vacuum differ from the heat travel through matter?

In a vacuum its all electromagnetic radiation, in matter it's a question of atomic (molecular) motion.

Does heat radiation require a medium to travel?

Radiation does not require a medium.

Which of these can radiation travel through?

conductors According to the A+ cirriculum it' actually space. Radiation can travel through a space. Jesus loves you!:)

Can radiation travel in a vacuum?

Yes. Light and electromagnetic radiation (like radio waves) can travel in a vacuum. Sound waves, which require air to travel, cannot.

How far does gamma radiation travel in air?

I'm answering this because you guys are wearing me out with "gamma radiation" questions. You know what "gamma radiation" is? It's radiation. So is light. So are X-Rays. How far does it travel in air? How far does light travel in air?

Does the bullet train travel from hiroshima Japan to Osaka Japan?


Can Radiation travel by wind?


How far does beta radiation travel?


Can radiation travel through plasma?

If the radiation is more energetic than the plasma then it can travel through it, but it will impart some of its energy to the plasma.

When atoms are moved by radiation in what direction do they move?

radiation can travel through air

Electromagnetic radiation is a transverse wave?

Yes, electromagnetic radiation does travel as a transverse wave

Why can radiation travel in a vacuum?

yes as radiation travels from the sun through a vacuum to earth

Does radiation travel at the speed of light?

true or false radiation travels at the speed of light

What is the energy that can travel through empty space or through matter?


What is the travel time by train from Tokyo to Hiroshima?

3 1/2 hours

Can heat travel by conduction through a vacuum where there are no particles?

No, it can only travel by radiation.