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Q: How far do councils records go with overpayment for housing benefit and council tax?
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When was Irish Council for Social Housing created?

Irish Council for Social Housing was created in 1982.

Is child benefit taken as income for housing benefit assessment?

Since November 2nd 2009,child benefit is no longer counted as income for housing benefit assessment.

Subsidized housing is an example of what?

An in-kind benefit

What type of housing was demolished in cities like Liverpool during 1950s and 60s?

Council housing was demolished in cities like Liverpool in the 1950s and 1960s. It was public housing rented to those who could not affort to rent other housing.

Who does council housing help?

In the United Kingdom, council housing refers to domiciles that were built in the late 19th and throughout the 20th century to assist working class people with renting a home which they could actually afford. Council housing is currently less common than it once was.

Can you live in the same house after you have sold that to your daughter in law and claim housing benefit from lewisham council?

The Housing Benefit system is there for people on low incomes or in receipt of another state benefit i.e income support,jobseekers allowance,DLA etc.To qualify for these benefits the DSS asks lots of qualifying questions,these questions include how much money you have in savings if any,the answer which you give to this question will affect the eligability for being entitled to the benefit,if you fit the criteria for one of these benefits then you definitely will be entitled to housing benefit.Depending upon which benefits you receive depicts the ammount of housing benefit to which you will receive.If the DSS deny you Housing Benefit you are entitled to a right of appeal against the decision and ask for your case to be looked at again,the decision of the appeal cannot be appealed against and your circumstances will need to change before you may make a new claim.

What kinds of services does Leeds City Council offer to its residents?

Leeds city council offers many services to its residents. Some examples are: financial benefit applications; housing; bins and recycling services; highway safety and parking legislation; health and social care services.

What has the author James Goudie written?

James Goudie has written: 'Councils and the Housing finance act' -- subject(s): Rent

What does no hb mean at estate agents?

Housing Benefit?

What is the definition of coah?

COHA could stand for Council on Affordable Housing.

What is a district council?

A district council is a two tier authority council responsible for the counties Environmental Health, Leisure and Recreation, Planning Permission and Housing. Most of these services of governed by the county council.

When does a debt become invalid?

I have received a demand from the Council for repayment of £500 because they made an error in assessing Housing Benefit over a year ago. The Housing Benefit a[plication form was correctly filled out. Is this a valid demand. Thanks. C. Jones <><><> We get questions from a number of nations- and the laws vary greatly from one place to another. With regret, you need professional legal services from a member of the bar in YOUR place- and not Wiki Answers.