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The uterus will expand until the baby is born!!!


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You don't know if the baby will take after the father or not in size and no baby when far along in the pregnancy can usually stretch out in their full length. The uterus grow with the fetus and will also leave room for plenty of liquid inside, that is how we are made. No, she will not die.

The cervix is located at the opening of the uterus. It needs to expand in order for a baby to pass through and be born. So far, it's opened only one centimeter.

Because the particles inside of it get so hot they get so far apart they start growing and when they grow it makes the object, the marshmellow expand.

they feel for your fundus (top of uterus) and unless you are 10 weeks or so, they cant feel anything because your fundus is still behind your pubic bone. after that the doctor can estimate how far along you are. contrary to popular belief, you start growing from the bottom, and grow up, the baby does not start mid-section and grow out.

Same way as an abortion depending on how far along you are. If it's in the very end of the pregnancy it's like labor.

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They have to either expand or contract through movement. They can only expand and contract as far as their tissues will allow,

how far the baby developed at twelve weeks how far the baby developed at twelve weeks how far the baby developed at twelve weeks

It's endless. Seriously. It goes on forever. Try sticking a 4 foot pole, it will disappear into the uterus. Have a nice time!

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Doctors palpate(feel) your abdomen to see where the uterus is. As the baby gets larger, they are able to feel recognizeable parts, and then they get a pretty good idea of how far along you are.

That depends how far along the person is. We measure to the top of the uterus (the "fundus") at each visit to check for normal growth of the baby. For most women, the top of the uterus reaches the umbilicus (belly button) by about 20 weeks of pregnancy. It then goes approximately one centimeter higher per week until the end of pregnancy (about 40 weeks). Hope that helps! Dr. B.

Yes, so far as the building is made if a conductor of heat, it will expand. The same rule applies to the Eiffel Tower!

Other than blood circulation, you mean? No, I wouldn't think so. As far as I know there are no direct interactions between hearth and uterus.

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into your abdomen and your entire stomach will soon be hard just the same! Good luck!

Do you mean "processes" or features? Because am not sure there are any hornlike processes as far as the uterus is concerned. But if features perhaps, then it would be the fallopian tubes that have a 'hornlike' shape.

Anatomically the ovaries are lateral to the uterus and they are about one inch (a finger width) (0.4cm) away from the uterus.However the egg has a longer distance to travel to the uterus.Each fallopian tube is 10–13 cm (4–5 inches) long. The isthmus of the tube is a small region, only about 2 cm (0.8 inch) long and the uterus is about 7 centimeters long (3cm) . If the egg implants in the middle of the uterus, as most do, the total length is 7.8 inches or 3cm from the ovary to the uterus.

Well, They didn't see anything from the outside until 9 weeks. My uterus is very far back. My doctor told me that at 7 weeks they can usually see the baby really well from the outside.

This dream is a metaphor of something happening far too soon. A baby is far too young to have a baby of her own. So the dream suggests that the dreamer is involved in a project, task or assignment that is far beyond the dreamer's abilities.

It depends from how high and how far along you are. You can risk rupturing the uterus and bleed to death.

Embryo or fetus depending on how far developed they are.

You need to expand on that question. It is far too vague.

Meditation is the best method anyone has come up with so far.

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