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That depends how far along the person is. We measure to the top of the uterus (the "fundus") at each visit to check for normal growth of the baby. For most women, the top of the uterus reaches the umbilicus (belly button) by about 20 weeks of pregnancy. It then goes approximately one centimeter higher per week until the end of pregnancy (about 40 weeks). Hope that helps! Dr. B.

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Q: What should the location of the baby be in relation to the navel area of your stomach?
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the stomach is superior (above) the navel behind the navel would be the jejunum section of the small intestine.

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Pain in the navel that is consistent and frequent could be an indication of an infection in the stomach or sign of over eating. Consult a medical professional for a correct diagnosis.

What if youre stomach is hurting around the navel area?

if your stomach is hurting around the navel area, this could mean different things. The most common causes may include medication effects, hernia, ulcers, pregnancy and so much more.

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It has many names: * navel * umbilicus * belly button * pupik

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You should talk with your doctor about this.

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