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How far from Belfast to Donegal?

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From Belfast to the town of Donegal is about 109 miles or about 175 kilometres.

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How far is Londonderry airport to Donegal?

It can range from 4Km to 80Km depending on were about in Donegal. Londonderry is almost on the boarder of County Donegal and County Londonderry.

How far is belfast from northern Ireland?

Belfast is in northern ireland

How far is it from Cork to Donegal?

266 miles

How far is it from armagh to donegal?

about 90 km

How far is Kilkenny to Donegal in km?

It is about 286 kilometres or 178 miles, between the towns of Kilkenny and Donegal.

How far is it from Donegal to Drung County Cavan?

From Donegal town to Drung is about 68 miles or 109 kilometres.

Is Donegal far from Longford?

No. It is about 85 miles or 136 kilometres from Longford town to Donegal town. Longford is a small county, but Donegal is a large one. So depending on where you are going, it could be a lot further. Donegal town is in south Donegal. The most northerly point in the county is Malin Head. If you were going that far it would be about 134 miles or 215 kilometres.

How far is londonderry from belfast?

Belfast to Derry is a journey of about 72 miles.

How far from Donegal to Cavan?

approximately 70 miles

Is Cork bigger than Belfast?

no, Belfast is far bigger than Cork

How far is Dublin from Belfast?

Dublin is about 100 miles or 167 kilometres from Belfast.There are about 87.328 miles between Dublin and Belfast.

How far is drogheda to donegal?

Drogheda to Donegal town is about 123 miles, though there are many routes you can take, some of which would be longer.

How far from Belfast to Dublin?


How far is it from county Down to Belfast?

Part of Belfast is in county Down, so the answer is zero.

How far is Chicago from Belfast?

Chicago is about three days away from Belfast. I hope that answers your question!

What sort of place is Ulster?

Apart from Londonderry and Belfast, Ulster is a fantasically beautiful province, from the Donegal wilderness to the giants causeway it is well worth a visit!

How far is Belfast from London?

321.72 miles

How far from Donegal to Dungannon?

From Donegal town to Dungannon is about 109 kilometres or 67 miles. Donegal is a large county, so distances from other parts of the county to Dungannon would vary considerably, up to 100 miles.

How far is belfast from wicklow?

142 miles or 228 kilometres is the distance between Belfast and the town of Wicklow.

How far is belfast from iceland?

It depends on where you are going in Iceland. From Belfast to Reykjavik it is about 1400 kilometers or 865 miles.

Is Dublin bigger or Belfast?

Dublin is far bigger

How far is Lisburn to Belfast?

10-12 miles

How far from mullingar to belfast?

approx 120 miles.

How far from Belfast to ring of Kerry?

about 280 miles

How far is Belfast from the Arctic Circle?

about 825 miles