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Q: How far in km is Toronto from Amsterdam?
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How far is Oslo from Amsterdam?

1,267 km

How many km is it from Toronto to Amsterdam by plane?

I've done this flight several times! From Toronto International Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport it's 5996km's :)

How far is Amsterdam from Lucerne Switzerland?

about 840 km's

How far is Rotterdam from Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is about 75 km Northeast of Rotterdam, about an hours drive.

How far is England to Amsterdam on plane?

About the same distance as the US to Toronto.

How far is Toronto to Ottawa?

Toronto to Ottawa is 452 km or 280 miles

How far is the Atlantic Ocean from Toronto?

800 km

How far in kilometers from Toronto to brockville?

335 km.

How far is it Toronto to Richmond hill?

34.6 km

How far is it to drive from Amsterdam to Munich?

512 Miles - 824 Km

How far is London from Toronto?

The distance from London to Toronto is 3559 miles (5728 km).

How far is Corona California to Toronto Canada?

It is about 4,100 km.

How far is it from Brampton Canada to Toronto'?

The distance is 45 km from Brampton Downtown to Toronto Downtown....

How far is Amsterdam Netherlands from Frankfurt Germany?

It is 224.21 miles or 360.82 km.

How far is Amsterdam from Moscow?

Airline distance is 1337 miles (2151 km).

How far to drive from Amsterdam to Berlin?

Amsterdam, NL to Berlin, Germany 661 km - about 6 hours 15 mins

How far can you get if you travel 15000 km from Toronto?

Flying? Sydney, Australia.

How far is holland away from UK?

from London to Amsterdam is 420 km/360 mi

How far is Norway from Amsterdam?

Everything form 800 km to 20000. Where in Norway are you talking about?

How far is Yarker to Toronto?

From Yarker Ontario to the city of Toronto Ontario is 239 KM or 148 miles approx.

How far is Toronto from Romania?

The distance between Toronto and Bucharest is 8 400 km (straight line on the map).

How far by car is it to drive to Orillia from Toronto?

82 Miles - 132 Km

How far away is mount Everest from Toronto?

7419.73 miles 11940.9 km

How far is it from Toronto airport to closest border?

About 123 km / 76 miles.

How far is it from Toronto Canada to Boston?

887 KM acording to Google maps