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6,782 miles

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Q: How far is California from New Zealand?
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Is new Zealand bigger than California?

No, California is 60% larger than New Zealand.

Is new Zealand in the far east?

New Zealand is in the South Pacific.

How far is Michigan from New Zealand?

Michigan is about 8300 miles from New Zealand.

How far is cambridge New Zealand to raglan New Zealand?

About 1 hour

Is New Zealand near New Jersey?

no they are far far apart

How far in miles is it from Los Angeles California to Christchurch New Zealand?

very might have to go LAX to Auckland then transfer... I am guessing 18 hours

How far is New Zealand from Toronto?

It is approximately 9,000 miles from Toronto to New Zealand.

If it is 11am in Temecula California what time is it in New Zealand?

New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of California, so it would be 8 am the next day.

Which is bigger in terms of land area - New Zealand or California?

California is larger than New Zealand which is about the same area in size as Colorado.

How far is Tokyo from Wellington New Zealand?

very far.

How far is it from Kansas in the USA to New Zealand?

New Zealand is about 12700 km from Kansas USA.

A lake in New Zealand not far from twizel?

Lake Ruataniwha is a lake in New Zealand not far from Twizel. It is in New Zealand's South Island in the Mackenzie District.

What are the kind of climates in New zealand?

The New zealand climate ranges from sub-tropical in the far north to sub-Antarctic in the far south.

How far is Italy from New Zealand?

Italy is 11464 miles from New Zealand. A flight from New Zealand to Italy takes about 23 and a half hours.

Where is a fjord in New Zealand?

There are fiords, or fjords, in the South Island of New Zealand. The area in the far south west of New Zealand is known as Fiordland.

What do you think of New Zealand?

New Zealand. New Zealand is placid and nice i recommend you to travel the Far North Right up the top.Where I'm from =]

How far is it in miles to travel from Auckland New Zealand to Thames New Zealand?

anwer181kms 120miles

How far is it in kilometres from Raglan New Zealand to Cambridge New Zealand?

it takes about an hour to 50 mins

When will the Percy Jackson movie come out in New Zealand?

So far it is not known if it will be seen in New Zealand.

How far is Australia to New Zealand?

It takes around 3 hours on a plane from New Zealand to Austalia.

How far is New York from New Zealand?

8815 miles

What is the distance from California to New Zealand?

About 9000 miles.

How big is new zealand compared to California?

the same?

Are Least Weasels in California?

Yes and New Zealand

Is California one of the countries of New Zealand?

No. California is not a country, but one of the state of the US. New Zealand is just one country, located about 2000km southeast of Australia.