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How far is Hollywood from UCLA?

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How far is Rose Bowl from main campus of UCLA

Not far at all, since Hollywood is a part of LA.

Far and away... UCLA basketball

I'm also waiting for the answer. lol

Very close lol. Hollywood is in LA

Far Far Away of course is the Hollywood version in Shrek 2!

It's about 33 miles from Disneyland to Hollywood.

UCLA is actually in Westwood, a village right below Beverly Hills in west Los Angeles. It's pretty far from actual "Los Angles proper".

Los Angeles is about 6.3 miles (12 minutes) from Hollywood.

It is 37.5 miles by car from Disneyland to West Hollywood, CA.

When driving from UCLA in Los Angeles, California to Garden Grove, California would take about 45 minutes. There is approximately 43 miles between the two locations.

Walt Disney World is about 225 miles from Hollywood, FL. It is a little over 2,500 miles from Hollywood, CA.

What is the population at UCLA

UCLA is a University in California.

ucla has animal science

Ucla was established in 1919.

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.

Not if you enter via Sunset Blvd. I didn't see it until I was on the second story of the mall in Hollywood, looking very far out.

The shortest distance is 6.3 miles.

about 10 miles. Look it up on googlemaps

About 35 miles, or 40 minutes drive.

I believe UCLA was founded in 1919.

The student population for UCLA is 39,650.