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Downtown Portland to Downtown Oregon City is about 15 miles.

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It depends on where in Beaverton you start and where in Portland you finish, but it is about 7.9 miles, from city center to city center.

Portland, Oregon to Bulgaria : to Sofia (capital city)-6000 miles; to Varna(main port city) 6053 miles

it ended in oregon city, oregon-not portland, oregon

It is 39.1 miles from McMinnville Oregon from Portland Oregon.

It is 41.1 miles from Portland Oregon to McMinnville Oregon.

It is 153 miles from Yachats Oregon to Portland Oregon.

Beaverton, Oregon is 8.5 miles from Portland, Oregon.

Clackamas Oregon is 11.5 miles from Portland Oregon.

It is 323 miles from Enterprise Oregon to Portland Oregon.

Portland Oregon is 176 miles from Bend Oregon.

It is 19.5 miles from Hillsboro Oregon to Portland Oregon.

Molalla Oregon is 32 miles from Portland Oregon.

how far from Portland Oregon to the califorina border

It is 247 miles from Bandon, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon.Portland is the most populous city in Oregon. Salem is the Capital.

Portland is a city in Oregon.

No, Salem is the capital of Oregon. Portland is the largest city of Oregon.

Portland, Oregon is 111 miles (178.6 km) from Springfield, Oregon.

It is 96.8 miles (155.8 km) from Harrisburg, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

It is 137 miles (220.5 km) from Portland, Oregon to Newport, Oregon.

It is 8.8 miles from Portland, Oregon to Lakewood, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

It is 7.9 miles (12.7 km) from Beaverton, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

Durkee, Oregon is 326 miles (524.6 km) from Portland, Oregon.

It is 16.1 miles (25.9 km) from Gresham, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

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