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It is 41.1 miles between Hamilton Ontario and Toronto Ontario in Canada. It takes approximately 43 minutes to travel this distance by car.

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It is 42.9 miles according to Google Maps.

50 kilometres taking QEW NIAGARA-bound to HIGHWAY 403, then HIGHWAY 403 to Hamilton.

No Hamilton is WEST of Toronto. We are located near Niagara Falls

Toronto is 337 miles (543 kilometers) from Hamilton.

Dougie Hamilton was born in Toronto, Ontario on 06-17-93.

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Its in Ontario Between Toronto and Burlington

The Toronto Zoo is in Scarborough, an east borough of Toronto.

The drive from Hamilton Ontario to Toronto Ontario is 45 min. to an hour. Actual distance: 65.7 km or 40.8 mi

Hamilton is closer by approximately thirty minutes.

Depends on your definition of "region"...The Greater Toronto Area, metropolitan areaThe Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area, metropolitan area that also includes the nearby City of HamiltonSouthern Ontario, southern region of provinceOntario, province

Toronto to Montreal is 337 miles.

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Kitchener is about 200 miles away from Toronto.

The distance is 50 kilometres across QEW.

Toronto to Ottawa is 452 km or 280 miles

It is 377.97 miles from Kalamazoo to Toronto.


Only connecting flights are available to travel from Toronto, Canada to Montreal, Canada. The flight will take a minimum of 10 hours 30 minutes. Toronto is the closest airport to Hamilton.

The distance between from Toronto to Fairfax, Virginia is approximately 500 miles. It is a far drive and a passport is required.

It is 42.9 miles according to Google Maps.

Rochester, New York and Toronto and Hamilton in Canada.

in southern Ontario around Toronto,Ottawa and Hamilton

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