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It takes about 2 hours 50 minutes to drive from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The distance is 282.6 kilometers or 175.6 miles.

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How far from Calgary to Edmonton?

Depends what end of Calgary you start from an where in Edmonton you're going. From the northside of Calgary to the southside of Edmonton it's a 2hr drive.

How far is Edmonton from calagary?

Edmonton is around 400 km from Calgary.

How far is Edmonton mall from Calgary?

almost 300km

How far Edmonton and Calgary?

About 300km (~3 hour drive)

How far is it from Edmonton to Calgary?

It is about 300km - a 3 hour drive.

How far is Calgary to Edmonton?

it takes bout three hours by car.

Who has the warmer climate Edmonton or Calgary?

Edmonton is slightly warmer than Calgary. Calgary is close to mountains this way Calgary is cold in the night time. Edmonton is Canada's sunniest. And warmer in night. Edmonton have nice lakes and river valleys. Calgary is one of the Canada's coldest place. Calgary is a nice place to visit. June is most rainiest and thunderstorm month is Edmonton. July, August, September is warmer is Edmonton. So in the end I suggest Edmonton is warmer than Calgary.

Is there an abercrombie and fitch in Calgary?

No, the nearest A&F and Hollister stores are in Edmonton in West Edmonton Mall so far. Rumours are that they are opening Calgary stores in the new expansion of Chinook Centre though.

How far is it from Calgary AB to Edmonton AB?

It is 185 miles according to Google Maps.

What is halfway between lloydminster and Calgary?

The city of Edmonton is approximently halfway between Edmonton and Calgary.

Why are Calgary and Edmonton growing quickly?

Calgary and Edmonton are growing quickly because of their wealth of oil.

Where are Calgary and Edmonton found in Canada?

Calgary and Edmonton are both located in the province of Alberta. Calgary is in southern Alberta, approximately 300 kms north of the Canada-US border. Edmonton is roughly 275 kms north of Calgary.

How many hours takes driving from Calgary Canada to Edmonton Canada?

Depends what end of Calgary you start from an where in Edmonton you're going. From the northside of Calgary to the southside of Edmonton it's a 2hr drive.

Is Calgary and Edmonton a community?

No, they have much in common, but they are distinct cities with 185 miles between them on the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor.

Is Calgary Vancouver or Edmonton farthest north?

Edmonton is the city that is farthest north than either Calgary or Vancouver.

Which city has more people Calgary or Edmonton?

Even though Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Calgary has the larger population.

Is Calgary capital city in Alberta?

No, Edmonton is. Calgary is the largest city.

Does Alberta have a professional sports team?

If you're referring to Alberta, Canada, there are more than you might imagine. Just about all of them play either in Calgary or Edmonton. Canadian Major Indoor Soccer: Calgary United F.C.; Edmonton Drillers North American Soccer League: FC Edmonton Canadian Football League: Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos Canadian Women's Hockey League: Team Alberta CWHL (Calgary) National Hockey League: Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers National Lacrosse League: Calgary Roughnecks, Edmonton Rush

How far is Edmonton international airport to Calgary international airport in kilometers?

Its about 210 KM, or a 2 hours drive

How long is a flight from London to Edmonton?

Flight on Air Canada from Edmonton to London is 8 hrs 50 min. Return from London to Calgary is 11 hrs 50 min. I guess there must be some major headwind on the way back considering Edmonton and Calgary aren't really that far apart.

Where is Edmonton Alberta Canada?

North of Calgary.

What is the road distance from Calgary to Edmonton?

About 300km

How many kilomteres from Edmonton to Calgary?


What are the 5 largest cities in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Edmonton Edmonton is larger than Calgary? I am not believing this one. I stand corrected: Calgary pop: 1042892 Edmonton pop: 1034945

What Trans - Canada highway connects Calgary Alberta to Edmonton Alberta?

Canadian highway Rt 2 connects Calgary Alberta to Edmonton Alberta.

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