How far is it from Dumaguete Philippines to Baguio Philippines?

Dumaguete is in Negros Oriental. By air, it's only about an hour from Manila. Manila to Baguio is a separate trip. You can get to Baguio in five to seven hours bus (depending on road conditions). Baguio has an airport, but it has stopped operating since 2008. Bus lines to Baguio include Victory Liner and Philippine Rabbit.

Dumaguete to Manila. Catch the Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific flight in the morning. Then drive to Baguio or rent a car with driver. Total travel time, Dumaguete to Baguio is nine hours.

One option is to fly "Dumaguete to Manila" in the evening, sleep overnight in Manila. Take the early morning bus to Baguio. Another option is to fly "Dumaguete to Manila" in the evening, and proceed to the Bus Station, to ride the bus at night Manila to Baguio. You may be able to get some sleep on the bus. Bring warm clothing.