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Its about 460 miles and if you drive non stop it will take 7.30 hours....

I split the total distance in 3....little rock...texarkana....dallas. Its approximately 153 miles in each split.

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How far is west Memphis Arkansas from Memphis Tennessee?

From downtown Memphis, TN at the Memphis-Arkansas bridge, West Memphis, AR is about 7 or 8 miles away. It can be as far away as about 30 miles, depending on where you are inside Memphis, TN.

What is the driving distance between Dallas TX and West Memphis TN?

445 miles

What is Memphis TN?

A city in West TN just across the bridge from West Memphis, AR.

How long is the flight between Memphis TN and Dallas TX?

A typical flight between Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN would have a flying time of about 50 minutes.

Was Memphis tn named after Memphis Egypt?

Why, yes. It was! Also, did you know that not far from Memphis, TN, there is an Egypt, MS?

Is mo west of Memphis tn?

No. Missouri is north of Memphis.

How far is Memphis TN from Gatlinburg TN?

It is 435 miles.

Are there mountains in Memphis Tennessee?

No, Memphis is in west's flat delta land, the mountains are in east TN

How far Jackson TN from Memphis TN?

About 80-85 miles.

What is the distance from Clarksville to Memphis TN?

It is about 209 miles taking this route:Take TN-48 SOUTH to I-40 WEST.Take I-40 WEST to Memphis.

How far is Memphis TN from Jackson TN?

It is 88.83 miles according to MapQuest.

How far is hartsville tn from Memphis tn?

4 hrs 30in mins

Where is Len dean of North Carolina?

how far is it from Memphis tn to Nashville tn

How far is Rio de Janeiro from Memphis tn?

Rio de Janeiro - Memphis, TN 5015 MI/ 8071 KM

How far is Memphis from Joplin MO?

from Memphis,tn to Joplin, mo is 357 miles.

How far is Ten Mile TN from Memphis TN?

Look on google? lazy bugga

How many miles from Bristol to Memphis?

520 miles taking this route:Take I-81 SOUTH, from Bristol, to I-40 WEST to KNOXVILLE at EXIT 1B.Take I-40 WEST to Memphis, via TN-840 WEST to bypass NASHVILLE (EXIT 235 off I-40 to get onto TN-840 WEST towards MEMPHIS ; EXIT 1A off TN-840 to continue on I-40 WEST to MEMPHIS).

How far is it from MemphisTN to Enterprise AL?

how far is it from Memphis, TN to Enterprise, AL

How far is Chattanooga TN and Knoxville TN from Memphis TN?

Chattanooga is 345 miles and Knoxville is 391 miles.

How long does it take to fly from Memphis TN to Dallas TX?

roughly 2 hours

How far is it from Minneapolis MN to Memphis TN?

About 830 miles.

How far is Gettysburg PA from Memphis TN?

About 900 miles.

How far is Myrtle Ms from Memphis Tn?

about 75 miles.

How far is fayetteville nc to Memphis tn?

760 miles

How far is Memphis tn from Jacksonville fl?

About 730 miles.