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Q: How far is the beach from uc berkley?
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What kind of jobs are available at UC Berkley?

At UC Berkley, jobs that require prior knowledge to the medical field medical and business field are available. The salaries at UC Berkley vary from < $30,000 to > $250,000.

Who created wisegeek?

Denis Grosz, a graduate of UC Berkley.

What Californian universities offer Semester system?

UC Berkley

Where can you find the best education in nanotechnology in the world?

MIT and UC Berkley are generally considered the top two nano and microtechnology universities by their peers. On the other hand Small Times (a very well-known nanotechnology magazine) ranks Penn State University as the top nanotechnology research school (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), University at Albany SUNY as the top university in nanotechnology education (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10) and facilities (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), and Arizona State University as the top university in nanotechnology commercialization (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10). For a more complete list of rankings, see the attached article from Small Times.

Can you get in to uc Berkley with 3.3 GPA 2070 satsubject 730 math 770 physics?


What are some good UC colleges?

UCLA and UC Berkley are considered to be the top two, but UCSD and UCI come in at pretty close third and fourth.

Who is the all time Pac 10 leader in interceptions?

Ken Wieddemann, UC berkley with 16

Apple computer founders attended to what university?

They both attended Reed College and UC Berkley but did not graduate.

Who is Jackson Holmes?

Samuel Jackson Holmes was an American zoologist and professor at UC-Berkley. He was born in 1868 and he died in 1964.

Did any famous people go to UC Berkley?

Just a few - see,_Berkeley_alumni

Top 5 University in World?

* Not in this order.Harvard,UC Berkley Yale ,Cambridege University Magille University are my five * Jahangirnagar University

What are the requirements to go to a University of California?

3.5 and above for just any UC school, but some like Berkley and L.A. require 4.0 and above.