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Q: How far is the louvre from Paris nord?
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How far is the louvre?

the Louvre is in Paris, where are you

How far nord station in France from Paris?

The Gare du Nord is in Paris, a mile or so north of Notre-Dame.

In what city is the Louvre located?

The Louvre is in Paris.

What is the address for the Paris Gare du Nord?

Paris Gare du Nord 18 Rue Dunkerque Paris,France

In what city is Louvre situated?

The Louvre is in Paris, France.

What is the taxi fare from gare du nord to the Louvre?

10 euros

What happened to the Louvre's art during world war?

It was hidden in safe places far from Paris.

Where is the louvre art gallery?

The Louvre Museum is in Paris, France.

What district is the louvre in?

Le Louvre is in the 1st 'Arrondissement' of Paris.

What city is Louvre in?


Capital of Paris?

The Louvre.

Is the louvre in Paris?


Where is the Louvre Palace?

The Louvre Palace which houses the Louvre Museum is located in Paris, France.

What is the slant height of the pyramid Louvre in Paris?

slant height of the pyramid Louvre in Paris=28 meters

Where are Paris louvre museum and Eiffel tower?

in paris

What city can the Louvre be found in?


What is the largest museum in Paris?

The Louvre is the largest museum in Paris.

What museum is the monalisa in?

It's in the Louvre in Paris. Here is the website for the Louvre...

Where is the Louvre?

The Louvre is in Paris, near Cour Napoleon and the Place du Carrousel.

How do you get to Paris St Lazare from Paris Nord?

Take the metro, it's by far the fastest and easiest way. Look at a metro map of Paris--if I'm not mistaken you have to change lines at least once.

How far away is the American express office in Paris from the gare du nord international?

The office is at 11, Rue Scribe, 1.31 miles from Gare du Nord down Rue Lafayette.

What city is the Louvre in?

The Louvre is located in Paris,France in the 1st arrondisment on the right bank.

What type of museum is the Louvre?

The Louvre is an internationally renowned art museum in Paris, France.

Where is the pyramide le Louvre located?

The Pyramide Le Louvre is located in Paris, France

In what city couldone visit the louvre palace?

The Louvre museum is located in Paris, France.