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100 feet

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Q: How far must you stay away from a vessel when a diver down flag is visible in Oklahoma?
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How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver down flag?

50 ft

What is the vessel that moves blood away from the heart?

the vessel is called a artery

While boating you see a red flag with a white diagonal stripe what does that mean?

A diver is underwater in the area. Stay at least 100 ft away.

Where should your passengers be while you are tied to the dock fueling your vessel?

On the dock and away from the vessel.

How far do you stay away from diver down flag in the water in Texas?


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Is a blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart an afferent or efferent blood vessel?


What vessel carries blood away the heart?

The artery.

A blood vessel that blood away from the heart?

An artery takes blood away from the heart

What is a vessel moves blood away from the heart?

An artery moves blood away from the heart.

When a jet ski is approaching another boat which is the give away vessel?

The Jet ski is the give-way vessel.

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