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Regardless of the position of any tiles on the pool wall The water level should be about 3 or 4 inches / 75-100mm above the top of the skimmer vein before the skimmer basket or at such a level that it does not suck air through the skimmer. of you have a suction side floating pool skimmer you can let it get as high as you like and as long as it is sealed properly as low as you like.

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Q: How far up the tile should the pool water level be?
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What should the water level be in a pool?

The water level needs to be maintained at the middle of the skimmer opening or center of the tile line.

How do you replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool?

To replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool, the pool will have to be drained. The old tile needs to be taken off and a new tile with waterproof grout or concrete can be installed. The pool should dry for a week or so, before it is refilled.

Do you have to put a tile border inside your pool?

No. The tile resisist a water line stain. While paint does not.

What companies are available for one to hire for pool tile cleaning?

There is definetley a lot of pool tile cleaning companies, you just need to do a search on Google for "pool tile cleaning near me" and there should be a lot that pop up. For example, we serve in Laguna niguel for pool tile cleaning services

Will pool walls cave in with no water in pool?

It is not likely, but it depends on what material the walls are made out of. Mud, probably not, but tile yes.

Can you repaint pool tile?


Do you have to drain a pool to replace the tile?

No the pool doesn't "have" to be drained. Are you replacing all the tile or just making a repair? Small repairs can easily be done by lowering the waterline to just below the tile. There are also new methods of cleaning tile to restore it to near it's original look. If you are changing the tile your tile setter will probably drain the water.

How do you stop water from gathering behind a swimming pool liner?

One way would be to install drain tile in the yard around the pool deck to carry excess ground water away from the pool.

How do you free pool of sunscreen?

Use a phosphate remover in the water and this will dissolve and return the oils back to its natural state. This will control all oils in the water and clean tile water lines in a pool.

How do you remove black water line from fiberglass pool?

A black water line means that you are not cleaning the walls of the pool at the water line tile (if the pools has tile) ( if no tile then the surface of the pool itself) on a weekly basis. The black is scum. Which is probably overlaid with calcium, dirt, body oils, cosmetics, deodorant etc. There is a special tile cleaner for that purpose - a product called Geyser. Not sure of the spelling. However, the tile soap (gyser) will not remove the black on the first several tries. It may take months to remove that line based upon how long it has been neglected.

What adhesive to use in pool titles?

A water proof tile adhesive, available at your local hardware store.

Would a vinyl or tile-lined pool be better near the Red Sea in Egypt?

tile Definitely tile!

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