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A number of posts list 43 mph as the top speed of this critter.


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how fast does a Honda odyssey go

as fast as you want it too go

The grass has more friction than the concrete, so the scooter doesn't go as fast

My Honda Ruckus gets up to about 40 mph. But it takes a while!This really depends on the model and manufacturer of the scooter, and if it the the street legal kind or the Goped style scooter.Street legal 50 cc: Most street legal 50 cc scooters will top out at around 40 mph, some slower while others in the high 40s to low 50s.Goped type: These type are quite a bit slower in general due to lack of a transmission and inferior sized wheels. These type will usually top out at about 25-30 mph.A 50cc Petrol Scooter can go different speeds. It will depend on how the scooter is maintained. If you have a strong engine, it can go as fast as 45mph.

Top speed for an electric razor scooter is around 10mph.

the imod scooter can go up to 15 miles per hour. i hope i can get 1!

Well, that depends on how much you are willing to spend and how fast you want to go. I would recommend the larger Honda scooters, like 150 cc and over. They will cruise at 55 mph and go over 70 mph. Or if you really want speed, get a 400+cc maxi scooter. They are good for 105+ mph. Just go to a motorcycle shop or a scooter store. Vespa makes scooters that will go 80 mph too.

A 43 cc scooter will usually top out at around 30-35 mph.

it doesn't go, because it's a honda.

A Honda 500 will go around 50 MPH

55mph is the top speed on my Honda Trx250x

It can go as fast as 200 miles per hour.

Not as fast as a trx450r but faster than a trx350r

The Honda is hands down a better machine. Honda builds quality scooters and has for decades. You cannot go wrong buying the Honda.

Honda Accords are governed at 120 mph by the ECU.

They can go about 150 mph

It will go about 64 mph.

depending on restrictions 30 to 35mph stock.

Depending on what you got in it.

One can purchase a Honda Spree Scooter online at sites such as the Scooters LTD UK website, Honda Spree, and even the eBay motors site. One can also go to their local motorcycle dealer and check to see if they have any Honda Spree scooters in stock.

not very fast , about 20 mph+

as fast as my mom makes me roti

It depends on what model. But the 2004 400ex can go as fast as 70-75mph.

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