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82kph on the rev limiter in 5th gear. same as a normal rancher. The only difference is that the gears are changed electronically, not manually

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โˆ™ 2009-11-14 14:14:07
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Q: How fast can a Honda rancher trx350es go?
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How fast does a 2006 Honda rancher 350 go?


How fast can a Honda rancher 350es go in mph?


How fast can a 420 Honda rancher go?

57 mph

How fast does a Honda 350 rancher 2wd go?

96 mph

How fast does a Honda rancher 350 go?

The top speed is 53 mph.

How fast can 2008 Honda 420 rancher go?

mine goes 86Km

How fast do Honda Rancher 400 ATV's go?

I have a 2005 Honda Rancher 400 Atv , it is bone stock and Tops out at 52 mph according to the on-board speedo.

How fast does a Honda trx 350 rancher manual shift go?

mine will run 55 mph.all stock

How fast is a Honda rancher 350 4x4?

My 04 Rancher es tops out at 51 mph. It either hits a speed limiter or the rev limiter, so it the max it will go!

How fast does a honda 4 by 4 rancher 420cc engine go?

I have had mine up to 55 mph on a paved road. =)

What type of transmission oil go in 2006 Honda 400 4x4 rancher at?

2004 Honda rancher tranimission oil

How fast can a Honda Odyssey go?

how fast does a Honda odyssey go

How fast can 2007 Honda Rancher At go?

With stock(24") tires it will run about 54 mph on speedometer. At least that is what mine used to run. Also varies on motor condition, mainly how much compression you have. Also the type of ground you are on. Road = faster. Hard dirt= not as fast. Real loose dirt= not that fast 2002 Honda rancher 350 es goes 65 at top speed on pavement.

How fast does a 02 Honda xr100r go?

They go fast

How fast can a 2008 Honda Rancher 420 4x4 go What is the torque like?

Mine went about 55mph The torque is very excellent, so if you want one, or have one, you'll be very happy with it.

How fast does a Honda trx 450r go?

it doesn't go, because it's a honda.

How fast will a Honda 500 go?

A Honda 500 will go around 50 MPH

How fast does a 1991 Honda 250X go?

not fast enough

How fast will a 420 rancher go?

it will go about 53 mph the 2010 will go 56 to 57 depending on rpm

How fast can Honda cbr125 go?

it can go about 120

How fast will a 229cc Honda ATV engine go?

55mph is the top speed on my Honda Trx250x

How fast will a Honda crf450r go?


How fast can a Honda crf230f go?


How fast does Honda XR go?

about 45

How fast does the Honda trx90x go?