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3/4 of what it normally an beause it waddles everywhere so it doesn't change much

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How fast does a penguin walk?

It depends on which species of penguin they are.

How do you walk fast on Club Penguin?

There is no difference in walking in Club Penguin. However, if you walk on ice (the ice hockey), I believe you do slide around faster.

How fast can a penguin walk?

A penguin's walk looks more like a waddle. Penguins do not move very fast and only walk about 1-2 miles per hour.

How big is a chicken egg to a penguin egg?

A chicken egg is about half the size of a small penguin egg.

What happens if a penguin drops its egg?

if a penguin drops its egg it will die

What can penguins do?

A penguin can slide on their stomach and can walk while holding their egg in between their feet.Also a penguin can swim by bobbing it's head up and down.Penguins are talented or skillful!

How do you make a egg hatch fast in heart gold?

There isn't a way to make it hatch fast, but the best way is to put the egg first in your party. It doesn't walk with you, the Pokemon who you put 2nd in the party will but it's a pretty fast way to hatch an egg though.

Who take care of the penguin when they are in the egg?

the father penguin takes care of the egg.

Is a egg penguin a proper noun?

No, the noun 'egg' is a common noun, a word for any egg; the noun 'penguin' is a common noun, a word for any penguin; the term 'penguin egg' is a common noun a word for any penguin egg.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Egg Harbor, WI or Penguin Island, Shoalwater, Western AustraliaThe Egg House, Simi Valley, CA or Penguin Hotel, Miami Beach, FL'Patty the Penguin Lays an Egg', iPhone and iPad app

Can you walk a penguin?

You can always walk a penguin up a snow covered hill.

How do you walk through the walls of Club Penguin?

You can't walk through walls anymore on club penguin but you can walk on walls. If you download Internet explorer 7 you can walk on walls of club penguin.

How do you stand in a walk way where the arrows are on club penguin?

Simple! Just walk to the path, and as your walking, click on your mail box really fast. Then exit your mail box,

How much does an Emperor penguin egg weigh?

i have no idea how much an emperor penguin egg weighs

How does a penguin reproduce?

Penguin mothers lay an egg.

Is a penguin an egg laying mammal?

The penguin is an egg-laying bird. It is not a mammal.The only egg-laying mammals, or monotremes, are the platypus and the echidna.

How many different types of the way people walk are there?

There's many different ways. Each person is unique, so, the answer to your question won't be accurate."Penguin" Walk"Duck" Walk.Limp Walk.Fast walk.Slow Walk.I can't think of any others....

How is a penguin egg made?

By a male and a female penguin mating

Why does the father penguin take care of the egg?

the father penguin takes care of the egg so the mother can eat

Pokemon sapphire version when does the egg evolve?

Just walk, walk and walk again 'til the egg hatch.

How fast can a rock hopper penguin swim?

he can swim just as fast as any other penguin so not very fast then

How fast does a giraffe walk?

A giraffe does not walk really fast a girsffe can walk up to ...............

How do emperor penguin born?

An Emperor Penguin is born like every other penguin, in an egg. ----

How do you do the moon walk on Club Penguin?

You can not do the moon walk on Club Penguin unless you are using Penguin Storm by MicroChip123. Even then people will not be able to see you doing it.

How is a penguin born?

they are born from a egg

Does a penguin lay egg?