How fast can a tiger run?

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Tigers are the heaviest of the big-cats, but are heavily muscled enough, to reach speeds capable of catching running deer in short bursts. Tigers have been documented reaching speeds up to 32 mph in a sprint. Normally, tigers do not need to run as fast as their smaller cousins (lionesses 36mph, cheetahs 68mph) though. Their camouflage, works with their wooded environment and provides them with a close-quarter arena, where stealth enables them to get quite close to their intended prey before revealing itself. Even a human could catch up to a deer if they approach it within a close enough range.
A lion is a large tawny colored cat that lives in northwestern India and Africa.

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Q: How fast can a tiger run?
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How fast does a white tiger run?


How fast can a baby tiger run?

Pretty fast...

What makes a tiger run fast?

Its legs.

How fast can a tiger wolf run?

The thylacine, sometimes called a tiger wolf, is extinct and does not run now.

How fast does the tiger run in miles per hour?

A tiger can run up to 35 miles per hour.

How fast can a Siberian Tiger run?

as fast as 50-60 miles per hour

How fast can an Indian tiger run?

they cant there 2 dumb

How fast an a tiger run?

Tigers run at about 35 to 40 miles per hour

How fast can a saber-toothed tiger run?

this cat can run about 77 mph!

How fast does an tiger run?

They run 35-40 miles per hour, but only for short distances.

How fast can tiger run?

Up to 35 mph for short bursts.

How fast does the Asian tiger run?

it runs 50 to 60 kph

What is the tiger defense?

big claws, sharp teeth, run fast

How fast can a tiger run a mile?

They can run 35-40 miles per hour, but for short distances.

How does a white tiger get there pray?

they camouflage and then jumo out and run fast and pounce on their prey

What is the relationship between tiger shark and human?

they all run & swimm fast

if a cheetah and a tiger went in a fight who would win?

cheetah would win cause they are so fast that they would be able to give the tiger scars so fast that the tiger would give up and they can even run away from the tiger

How fast can an alpaca run?

An alpaca can run very fast. They run slower than a cheetah. Alpacas run faster than a zebra, spotted hyena, elk, and white tiger.

How fast can the Bengal Tiger run?

Bengal tigers can run up to thirty five mph for short bursts.

Can an ostrich run as fast as a tiger?

Yes. In fact, an Ostrich can outrun a tiger. A tiger can run about 35 miles per hour, while an Ostrich can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

How fast can a golden tiger run?

Faster than my ball (50 mph & up)

Is a tiger fast or slow?

A tiger is fast, but a cheetah is faster.

How fast are tiger snakes?

Tiger snakes are 7mph fast.

How fast does an Australian tiger beetle run?

The Australian Tiger Beetle runs 170 Body lengths a second. (About 5.7 mph). If a Human could run at the same pace,He/She could run 340 km/mph!

Can a white tiger run as fast as a yellow tiger?

A white tiger is exactly the same as a normal tiger. It only lacks the orange pigment in it's fur, making it white. Colour has nothing to do with anything.