How fast can the winds blow in Antarctica?


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Winds can speed up to 200 km/h which will obviously blow you over. But Antarctica doesn't really have much weather. So winds, blizzards and storms don't really happen often.

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Yes. They can also blow a woman away.

Trade Winds blow fast and in Pretty much any direction. That's why sailors try to sail there often.

it travels three times as fast as a comet

sandstorms can exceed 85 miles per hour.

Winds around the planet's equator can reach 1800 kilometers per hour (1118 mph).

Well that fast of wind is asspose to be lightning for one to be really a laska.

global winds are winds that blow over long distances.local winds are winds that blow over short distances. you can't type because i had to fix your mistake on "blow" :(

why north winds blow to southwest

Winds blowing over a large area create powerful, high, and fast waves.

Global winds blow North to South

Northern trade winds blow from the north.

winds blow sideways because of the rotation of the earth.

The Trade winds blow from east to west, these winds are the most common in the Caribbean. The Prevailing winds blow from west to east.

Trade Winds in both hemispheres blow from the east.

From what I have seen on the internet, the winds were about 135-140 mph at their fastest.

There may be a typo in your question. Antarctica is often called home of the wind, because of the strong, constant Katabatic winds that blow to the coasts from high on the polar plateau.

neptunes wind can blow up to 1500 miles per hour. because there is no heat to to stop this winds in moving

trade winds in the southern hemisphere blow from the southeast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Etesian winds blow from a northerly direction off of the Aegean Sea.

The Westerlies are winds that blow from West to East across the United States.

Blizzards are constant on the Antarctic continent, specifically caused by Katabatic winds that blow off the polar plateau, and which are driven by the rotation of the Earth.

They blow south-southeast. Wind directions are always given as the direction from which they blow, such as "winds out of the northwest."

Trade winds blow almost all the time. They provide a continuous warm breeze to areas where trade winds blow. Hawaii is one place that has trade winds.

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