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108 days (there are 1074 chapters total).

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Q: How fast can you finish reading the old testament bible if you read 10 chapters a day?
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How many chapters does the Bible have?

There are 1189 chapters In the bible. 929 In The Old Testament and 260 In the New Testament.

How many chapters in Tamil Bible?

929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters i the New Testament, 1189 in total No of chapters in the Tamil Bible

What New Testament Bible book has 66 chapters?

No book of the New Testament has 66 chapters.

How many chapters are in the New Testament of the Bible?


How many chapters and verses are there in the Bible?

There are 1,189 chapters and over 31,000 verses in the Bible (Old and New Testament) based on the King James Version. The Catholic Bible, however, has additional books in the Old Testament, which adds to the total number of chapters and verses.

How many chapters are in 1 Chronicles?

There are 29 chapters in the book of 1 Chronicles in the Old Testament of the Bible.

What New Testament book has the most chapters?

Each of the Bible Books of Matthew and Acts have 28 chapters.

How manyVerses and Chapters in Daniel?

There are 12 chapters and 357 verses in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Which book in the bible specifically in the old testament has the least chapters?

It is the book of Haggai. with 2 chapters only.

Where do we find the reading of Saint Paul chapter 20-21 in the Bible?

There is no Saint Paul chapter 20-21 in the Bible. The apostle Paul wrote several letters in the New Testament but none of them have 20 chapters

What part of the Bible is the second reading from?

Old Testament

How many chapters are in the old testament of the King James Bible?

I think there should be 929.