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The gases only move fast when they are warm, and they are followed by liquid to make them move fast. They move the slowest when they are followed by solids, and when they are cool.

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How fast do particles move in gases?

the particles in gases move very, very fast

How do the particles in gases move?

they move quite fast and they also spread out in a formless blob

How are the particles arranged in solids liquids and gases?

in a solid they are in neat rows and move around in a liquid they arent the close to eache other and have more spaces in them and in gases they move around and go so fast they vibrate

How does a rocket provide power?

action & reaction. The burning of rocket fuel produces gases that move fast and make the rocket move the opposite way

Why lighter gasses can move downwards while heavier gases can move up wards?

Actually, lighter gases move upward and heavier gases move downward. This happens because of the density of the gases.

Explain how gases exert a pressure on the insides of a container?

The particle's move fast so they collide with each other and the container so that's how gases exert a pressure on the inside's of a container.

How do particles in gases move in gases?

they move around all over and they do not stay together

How do the plasmas behave differently than gases?

because plasmas move a lot slower than gases and gases move a lot faster\

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Do molecules in gases move the fastest?

Yes. Gases move fastest, followed by liquid, while solids are the slowest.

Is air a liquid solid or gas?

obviously a gas as you cant see all gases and the paritcles (atoms) inside are free and move around fast

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Do atoms move the fastest in solids?

No. They move the fastest in gases.

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