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Molecules actually move faster in liquid because they have more space between them to move about. That's why liquid can flow, and a solid cannot. =)

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Faster than what ? They move slow in a solid, mild in a liquid

(unless you aply heat energy), and fast in a gas.

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Basically,..... the molecules move faster in Gases than in Liquids... ie/This is because the molecules in gases have a large amount of space compared to Liquids.

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Q: Do molecules move faster in a liquid?
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Does plasmas molecules move faster than gas molecules?

if you mean plasma as in blood plasma then i don't believe so because blood plasma is a liquid and gas is, well, a gas. if you mean plasma as in particles heated to the point they move into a stat called the plasma state then yes. plasma particles move faster than any gas particle. period.

How do molecules move within a solid liquid and gas?

In a solid the molecules are tightly packed together all touching one another and vibrate; in a liquid the molecules are more loosely packed and more free to move around but they are still touching; in a gas the molecules are free to move where they please

How does heat affect the molecules in a substance?

They rapidly vibrate. Yes, they do, but how rapidly depends on the amount of heat (kinetic energy) added to the molecules. If solid, they will eventually melt depending on which solid and what its melting point is. If liquid, they will eventually become a gas or vapor, and a gas will expand indefinitely into the atmosphere if not contained within something. Think of water: ice heats to liquid water which in turn becomes steam (vapor) which goes out into the atmosphere unless it is contained. If the container cannot expand and the water vapor (or any other gas) continues to be heated, eventually the gas will cause the container to explode because the internal pressure will exceed the ability of the container to hold it.

How are molecules in a particular solid different from the molecules of the substance in a liquid form?

molecules in solids are stationary whilst those in gases and liquids move around, more though in liquid.

Does hot water or cold water particles move faster?

hot water molecules move faster with food can experiment it with the help of following steps:-Fill the glasses with the same amount of water, one cold and one hot.Put one drop of food coloring into both glasses as quickly as possible.Watch what happens to the food coloring.If you watch closely you will notice that the food coloring spreads faster throughout the hot water than in the cold. The molecules in the hot water move at a faster rate, spreading the food coloring faster than the cold water molecules which mover

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Do molicules move faster in a solid or in a liquid?

In liquid molecules move faster but in solid the molecules would vibrate about its mean position

What happens to a fluid when it heats?

When the liquid molecules are heated, they move faster so the liquid boils and some molecules becomes gas molecules. When the liquid molecules are heated, they move faster so the liquid boils and some molecules becomes gas molecules.

How liquids change to gases?

When heat is added to liquid, the liquid molecules move faster They can move out of the container

What happens to the density of a fluid when it is heated?

When the liquid molecules are heated, they move faster so the liquid boils and some molecules becomes gas molecules. When the liquid molecules are heated, they move faster so the liquid boils and some molecules becomes gas molecules.

Could the Molecules In The Gas Phase Move Faster Than The Same Molecules Move In The Liquid Phase?


What do molecules move faster in a solid liquid or gas?

Gas...The molecules are less tightly packed together like in a solid and liquid so they're free to move. They seem more energized, they're faster.

Why is energy required to evaporate a liquid?

So the molecules move faster.

When energy is removed from a liquid do the molecules move faster or slower?

I might be wrong, but I would say slower. If you mean energy in form of heat, molecules move slower if the liquid is colder, so if a liquid releases energy in form of heat (turns ¨cooler¨), than the molecules move slower. As I said, I might be wrong. Just my thoughts

Will molecules go faster and farther when liquid turns to gas?

no, that is the opposite, molecules will move faster and farther apart when the state changes from liquid to gas

Why liquid diffuse faster than solids?

Because molecules in a liquid are not bound the way they are in solids and they can move freely so diffusion happens faster too.

Do molecules move faster in a gas or a solid?

Basically, a solid is quite stationary. It doesn't move very much. Liquids have more energy, meaning that the particles move a lot freer. In a gas the particles are a lot further apart, meaning that they have a LOT more space to move. Solids can be made to move faster if you give it enough energy (ie, heat). The atoms then start vibrating faster, making spaces between the atoms. This is what happens (basically) when you melt something.

When heated how does liquid change?

when the liquid is heated the molecules are given kinetic energy, this causes them to move faster. As the molecules move faster they collide and the cohesive (intermolecular forces/hydrogen bonds) forces break down. this means they are free to move more and their density decreases until they change state and become a gas.