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can go bout 5mph


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How fast can electric 30cc scooter go?

as fast as you want it too go

How fast does the razor scooter go?

Top speed for an electric razor scooter is around 10mph.

Make your e100 razor scooter go faster?

Unlock the gas on the handlebars

Where Can I find a wiring diagram for a razor E100 scooter?

Go to razor.com and e-mail request a wiring diagram for the scooter

Which is better an electric or gas scooter?

a gas scooter it will go faster than an electric.

How fast does a green razor electric scooter go?

about 40 mph. you will really have to make it up to your mom to get this baby.

Why don't you go as fast on the grass as you do on concrete on a scooter?

The grass has more friction than the concrete, so the scooter doesn't go as fast

How fast does a razor electric scooter go?

a raqzor scooter goes about 10-15 mph max. but it depends on the model. i would recommend that u get a gas powered scooter. its more conveniant and you don't have to wait for it to fully charge.

How fast does the imod scooter go?

the imod scooter can go up to 15 miles per hour. i hope i can get 1!

Do electric scooters go in grass?

I have a three wheeled electric scooter that went on grass yesterday. I did fine.

How fast can a 43cc scooter go?

A 43 cc scooter will usually top out at around 30-35 mph.

How fast can an electric scooters travel?

Most electric scooters travel between 10-20 mph on average. If the rider is light they will go about 20-30 at maximum depending what type you have bought. If it is a stand up scooter it will go 15-25mph, but if it is a high class sit down scooter it can travel up to about 30mph at the most. Most electric scooters top out at about 35mph. But you can find some that go upwards of fifty miles per hour. It all depends on the make and model of the scooter.

What are the benefits of using an electric mobility scooter as opposed to a regular wheelchair?

There are many benefits to using an electric mobility scooter as opposed to a regular wheelchair. By using an electric mobility scooter, a person would not have to use their arms to move the chair like they would with a wheelchair. Also, if needing to go a great distance, an electric scooter would be a better option than a wheelchair.

Who used or uses te electric scooter?

I use an electric scooter when I don't have to go that far, It is a 48volt, 500 watt, max speed 17mph scooter that goes 36 miles before the battery dies. I have a gas Suzuki Burgman 650 that I use when I have to go on the freeway and across town.

How can you make an electric razor scooter go slower?

The battery from a the scooter can be removed. This would still allow the scooter to retain movement while keeping its top speed relatively low.

What age group is the Electric Razor Scooter best for?

The Electric Razor Scooter is suitable for children older than eight years. If your niece is older than eight years, you can totally go for it and she will enjoy it.

What is the top speed of an electric scooter?

The average electric scooter will not go at speeds that are greater then thirty of forty miles per hour. Make sure that you wear protective gear to make sure that you are extra safe.

How fast doe a 50cc scooter go?

depending on restrictions 30 to 35mph stock.

How fast can you go on a Razor A5 Lux kick scooter?

As fast or a little faster than a basic one.a good buy.

Will an electric blower that blows air into the air intake make a 43cc scooter go faster?

Yes it will make the scooter go faster, but you could run the chance of blowing parts in the moter if you do so

How fast can a 600cc scooter go?

In general, a 600 cc scooter will go well over 100 mph. 125 mph is easily possible, given the right conditions. It does vary by model and manufacturer, but 120 is about average for a 600 cc scooter.

How fast does a normal 36cc gas scooter go?

It depends on the gear ratio of the drive and driven gears. I would test it out, or call the person you got the scooter from.

How fast does a scooter model mcd150tka go?

45 MPH max and depends on riders weight.

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