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Q: How fast does a Honda xr100r go?
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How fast does a 02 Honda xr100r go?

They go fast

Is the 1993 Honda xr100r a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine?

A 1993 Honda xr100r would have a four stroke engine.

How many miles can the 2002 Honda XR100R go on one tank of gas?

more than10

How fast will a crf100r dirt bike go?

there is no such thing as a crf100r. theres a xr100r. and a crf150f.

What is the top speed on a Honda xr100r?

80 MPH

What is the oil capacity of a Honda xr100r?

0.9 US quart.

What is the oil capacity of a Honda Xr100 dirt bike?

Hey i have a 2000 xr100r honda dirtbike what kind of fork oil needs to go in it and how much plz someone help me fast

Does a Honda XR100R have an oil filter?

I am pretty sure the xr100 Honda does not have an oil filter at all

Point gap on a 1985 Honda xr100r?

It has electronic ignition. No points to adjust. 1985 Honda XR100R does have points and a condenser, just bought one today, and the gap is between12 and 14 thousandths

How fast can a Honda Odyssey go?

how fast does a Honda odyssey go

What is the valve clearance on a Honda xr100r motorcycle?

depends on the year and condition

Do you have to mix the oil on a Honda xr100r?

no, why would you mix oil with a 4 stroke

Is a 2002 Honda XR100r street legal?

no its off road trail bike

How fast does a Honda trx 450r go?

it doesn't go, because it's a honda.

How fast will a Honda 500 go?

A Honda 500 will go around 50 MPH

Will an earlier xr100r rear shock fit into a 2003 xr100r?

The rear shocks from the Honda XR100R are interchangeable from the '01, '02 and '03 models. However, unless you happen to have one of these older shocks lying around, it would probably be cheaper to get an after-market 140mm shock. OEM parts are expensive!

How fast does a 1991 Honda 250X go?

not fast enough

How fast can Honda cbr125 go?

it can go about 120

How fast will a 229cc Honda ATV engine go?

55mph is the top speed on my Honda Trx250x

How fast will a Honda crf450r go?


How fast can a Honda crf230f go?


How fast does Honda XR go?

about 45

How fast does the Honda trx90x go?


How fast does a Honda 230f go?


How fast does a 2007 Honda cbr1000rr go?

It can go as fast as 200 miles per hour.