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Q: How fast does a red oak tree grow?
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Which oak is faster sawtooth oak or northern red oak?

Sawtooth oak and Northern red oak are both fast growing trees. Sawoak tree is native in Asian countries while Northern red oak tree is native in North America. Sawoak tree can grow up to 82-98 feet while Northern oak can grow up to 98-141 feet tall. Sawoak tree grows 13 to 24 inches per year while Northern oak ten year old tree can grow 16-20 feet tall. Basically grow almost at the same speed.

How tall is the red oak tree?

The red oak tree grows about two to three feet a year. They averagely grow to be around 65 feet tall.

Does the red oak tree grow any fruit or flowers?


How tall does an Oak tree grow?

There are different varieties of Oak tree and their heights vary. Here are some examples: The American White Oak, Japanese Oak and European Oak can reach a height of 100 FT American Red Oak reaches a height of 70 FT.

Jamal needs to know how fast a red oak sapling grows. What can he do to find this out?

Grow a sapling from seed and measure its growth periodically.

Do the red oak leaves grow alternate or opposite?

Red oak leaves actually grow in an alternating pattern.

Where does a California Red Oak tree live?

where does a northern red oak tree live? Answer The Red Oak (Quercus rubra syn. borealis maxima) is a native of North America but does well in the UK.

What is the alternative name for a red oak tree?

The red oak tree has a Latin or scientific name. This is Quercus Rubra. There are also different kinds of red oak, such as English or Eastern, which occur in different places.

What is Canada's state tree?

red oak tree

What is the lifespan of a red oak tree?

There are over 180 species of oak trees in the United States alone. The lifespan of an oak tree can be from 100 to 400 years. The Red oak average lifespan is up to 200 years.

What is the wood from oak trees called?

Depending on the type of "Oak Tree" Red Oak" or "White Oak" or just "Oak".

New Jersey state tree?

The Red Oak Tree

What is the fastest growing kind of oak tree?

Conditions being equal the fastest growing oak tree is the Northern Red Oak. (Quercus rubra)

How fast do burgundy belle red maples grow?

The tree grows at an average rate. The tree will grow up to 45 feet tall and up to 15 feet wide.?æ

What is the red oak tree genus?

Quercus rubra is the genus and species name of the red oak.

Tree beginning weith red?

redwood red oak red maple

Is a red oak tree Deciduous?


What is the state tree of californa?

red oak

Is the red oak tree deciduous?


What is the scientific name of the red oak tree?

The Northern Red Oak, which is also called the Champion Oak, is Quercus rubra.

What shape is an oak tree leaf?

depends on the type of oak tree there's red oaks and white oaks

Do oak trees grow in new England?

Yes.......of course. Red Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, Pin Oak, and more

How fast does a red maple tree grow?

The Red Maple tree grows quite quickly (up to 12' in a five to seven year period) and can grow to be 40' to 60' with a width up to 35' to 40', and they take around 80 years to mature.

What is Iowa's state tree?

Iowa state tree is northern red oak

Do red oak trees grow in china?