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This depends on the fuels used (Liquid Oxygen, Hydrazine, etc) the design contours of the nozzles (if we are talking about liquid fuel rocket engines, and pressure pumps, turbo-chargers etc in the rocket body. The velocity of the rocket is dependent on a good many factors including the chemical reactions of the fuels themselves, the specific impulse as it is called, and as with autos, transmission losses due to Plumbing and pipes.

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Why is hydrogen used in rocket fuel?

Because its the type of fuel that a rocket would need because in rockets you need fast fuel right? And hydrogen is that fast fuel!

Does the fuel effect a rocket?

Yes it does. It is the primary factor involved in lending the rocket the ability to leave the launch pad.

How does a rocket provide power?

action & reaction. The burning of rocket fuel produces gases that move fast and make the rocket move the opposite way

How do astronauts leave the earth?

astronauts leave earth by the liftoff of the space shuttle and rockets, it is called force of the rocket. The engine starts and liquid fuel comes out of the rocket and pushes them up.

Are the solid fuel rocket or the liquid fuel rocket faster?

liquid fuel

What would model rocket fuel be described as?

Modern model rocket fuel is a solid fuel.

What is the symbol for Rocket Fuel Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Rocket Fuel Inc. in NASDAQ is: FUEL.

In what year did Rocket Fuel Inc - FUEL - have its IPO?

Rocket Fuel Inc. (FUEL) had its IPO in 2013.

Where is the solid fuel rocket on a rocket?

At the very bottom is the nozzle, after that is the fuel. Depending on how big the rocket is and how much fuel it needs determines the size of the chamber

How much fuel does a rocket hold?

A large rocket holds a lot of fuel, a small rocket holds less.

What is rocket fuel made off?

rocket fuel is made out of a combination of car fuel,mercury,and phosphorus

What is the market cap for Rocket Fuel Inc FUEL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Rocket Fuel Inc. (FUEL) is $854,306,979.24.

What are two main types of rocket engines?

The two main types of rocket engines are Solid fuel rocket engines and Liquid fuel rocket engines.

Why do space vehicles use rocket fuel instead of regular fuel like a car?

Regular gasoline does not burn nearly fast enough for use in space vehicles.

What does rocket fuel in cigarette smoke do to you?

turns you into a rocket

Who developed liquid rocket fuel?

Robert Goddard was the first to use liquid fuel in a rocket

What is rocket fuel?

Rocket fuel is either liquid or solid. Other kinds are being developed.

How long does it take to leave earths atmosphere?

Depends how fast your going, and if your going fast enough to break the pull of gravity. Maybe about 20 minutes Rocket speed

What fuel is used in rockets?

Rocket fuel.

Where does the fuel go in a rocket?

In the fuel tank

How much fuel will be needed in a rocket?

How much fuel will be needed in a rocket will depend on the size of the rocket and where it is going. A rocket that will be traveling into space burns a lot of fuel and will need enough to keep it in orbit for teh desired time.

Is rocket fuel a fossil fuel?

Yes it is a fossil fuel.

How many gallons is 2000 tons of rocket fuel?

2000 tons of rocket fuel is equal to about 530,000 American gallons. This is the amount of fuel that was aboard the Apollo - Saturn V rocket.

What is the difference between soild and liquid fuel rocket engines?

A solid fuel rocket engine is just what it sounds like. The fuel inside the rocket is completely solid. In a liquid fuel rocket the fuel is a liquid. Bottle Rockets that you can buy in many stores are fueled with Solid Fuel. Most liquid fuel rockets contain 2 different types of fuel. Once that fuel is mixed and ignited you get your thrust.

Is rocket fuel solid or liquid?

There are solid rocket fuels, and there are liquid rocket fuels.

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