How fast does the nervous system work?


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The human nervous system goes as fast as 268 miles per hour. This speed is as fast as a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which was known worldwide in 2010 to be the speediest production vehicle, going 268 miles per hour.


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yes the eyes do work in the nervous system

The nervous system is the fast-acting control system.

The endocrine glands work with the nervous system and bones are protective of the nervous system.

the nervous system allows you to feel when you breath

it all work together the nervous system works with every single system

how does nervous system and circulatory system work togather to maintain homeostasis

The brain IS part of the nervous system!

your nervous system is always at work!

the nanophysiology of the muscles bind to the nervous system

the nervous system tells your immune system when something is wrong

If you don't breathe the nervous system won't work

The nervous system work very closelly to the endocrine system (hormones).

how the nervous works together with the digestive system

The brain sends messages through your body, which makes your nervous system work.

The nervous system mainly works with the brain and peripheral nervous system. The skeletal system is comprised of bones. How ever the nervous system helps the skeletal system move.

No, they are two different systems but the circulatory system is controlled by the nervous system.

there aren't 2 divisions of the nervous system. (:

The nervous system tells the immune system to fight off disease and the immune system protects the nervous system from disease.

The Fuctions of the Nervous system is to controll your nerves to tell you muscles to work.

deflex affects the nervous system by not allowing it to work properly

because most systems work hand in hand with the nervous system.

The nervous system controls or coordinates the other systems.

1. They both are communicators of the body. The endocrine is a slow communicator and the nervous system is a fast communicator.

The work of the nervous system is carried out by the brain and the spinal cord. The brain gives the orders to the nervous system which travels through the spinal cord to the various nerves and neurotransmitters.

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