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They breathe in, then they breathe out, which supplies there body with oxygen and eliminates CO2.

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How is the work of the respiratory system related to the respiratory system?

The answer is in the question BOTH are the respiratory system.

What does the respiratory system do for the body?

how does the respiratory system work

What does the respiratory work with?

The Respiratory system is very closely linked with the circulatory system.

What body systems work together to help the respiratory system?

cardiovascular system and respiratory system

Which system work with respiratory system?

Cardiovascular system .

What system does the lungs work with?

respiratory system

Does the respiratory system work with digestive system?


Would the heart work if you had no respiratory system?

If the respiratory system is not working, nothing is working.

Name two body systems that the respiratory system work with?

respiratory and circulatory system

Does the Lung work with any other system of the body?

the circulatory and respiratory system. the circulatory and respiratory system.

What other systems work with the respiratory system?

The Digestive SystemThe Skeletal SystemThe Circulatory SystemThe Muscular SystemAnd The Respiratory System.

How does the endocrine system work with the respiratory system?

the endocrine system works with the respiratory system by making changes to your body for example when the parts in your respiratory system grow that is the growth hormones from your endocrine system working with your respiratory system.

What is the other system that work with circulatory system?

the respiratory system

How does the respiratory system of a thorny devil lizard work?

Respiratory system of all lizards is alike .

How does the respiratory and cardiovascular system work together?

your cardiovascular system pumps the blood to your respiratory system to allow it to freely move. when you are running your brain tells the respiratory system to work harder and your respiratory send a signal to the brain to increase blood flow which is then sent to the cardiovascular system.

What systems does the respiratory system work with?

Respiratory system works with digestive system ,circulatory system ,excretory system (indirectly through circulatory system...

What body systems work with The Respiratory System?

I think the respiratory system works with all of the body systems we have.

Which body system does the cardiovascular system work the closest with?

The respiratory system

What other systems do the respiratory system work with?

Circulatory system

What other systems does the cardiovascular system work with?

The Respiratory System

How does the Cadiovascular system work with the Respiratory system?

Oxygenation of blood

How do lungs work with respiratory system and circulatory system?


How is the function of the respiratory system related to the cardiovascular system?

Respiratory system has oxygen. Cardiovascular system needs oxygen to work. Both has oxygen.

How the excretory system and the respiratory system work together to release wastes?

The excretory and respiratory system do, in fact, work together. The excretory system is in charge of excreting waste products. Carbon-dioxide is a waste product which the lungs, a part of the respiratory system, excrete.

When is your respiratory system at work?

Your respiration system is at work when you smell, talk, walk, and breathe.