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How good is Himalaya college in Dehradun India?

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This most likely refers to the Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Technology and Biomedical Sciences in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. it is difficult to find objective rankings, but they were named the 3rd best medical college in Dehradun in 2012 by the Education Studies Info website.

It is one of the best college in north India

1. the Lawrence school , sanawar2. the doon school , dehradun3. mayo college , ajmer4. good shephard international school5. the Lawrence school , lovedale6. Unison World School, Dehradoon

why not th most advanced college in south india. comparable to other colleges is is a good college regarding placements and decipline

There so so many boarding school in india. If you are interested to know about good boarding school then I can short out your problems because I know a good baording school in Dehradun that is SelaQui International School. You can check here

Essays about the Himalaya in Hindi can be found on many different websites, but it is always a good idea to write your own, adding your personal description and sentiments.

go to college go to college I think it would be a good idea to go to colledge.

VNIT is always better. It is 1 of the good college in India. COEP is also good. Preference: VNIT COEP MIT

The Himalayans are located in Europe. The Himalayan Mountains are called the Himalayans. He loves to ski in the Himalayans. Well, no, actually, the Himalaya Mountains are located in ASIA - where India and China meet.

Himalayas the himalaya mountans good luck with 7th grade Language Arts fellow CLMS Cougarsource : physical map of Nepal

NHCE was ranked # 2 in Karnataka and #20 in India according to the annual Dataquest rankings (Jun 2008) issue. Regardless of the rankings, NHCE is a very good engineering college with 100% placement.

yes it is best in india ,even better than IIT and NIT.........go ahead and enjoy the farziwada

ruppee appreciation is good for India as India is mostly importing country rather then its good for India....

a good college to go to is virgina college

Go for IIPM (Private Institute) or try IIM's (Govt Institutes) IPS Meerut (Private Institute)

Yes, your grades have to be very good to get into a good college.

yup..its not that good college but in an average the college is the placement and all depends on the student but the college gives good assistance .........can join the college....

School of planning and architecture, Delhi School of planning and architecture, Bhopal and UPES Dehradoon is good for M.Plan too.

Hi,Here are some of the good MBA Colleges in Indore.. :)Central India Institute of TechnologyRoyal College of TechnologyAstral Institute of Technology and ResearchLakshmi Narain College of TechnologyMalwa Institute of TechnologyPatel College Of Science & Technology

No Meagan good did not go to college

Yes, It is a very good college

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