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ANSWER This is difficult, but nit impossible. The Chilton's manuals are pretty good - but they are not perfect. Chilton's manual says to remove front bumper, then remove body to frame mounts. I did not. Put Blazer on jack stands. remove driveshafts, crossmenbers. Drain transfer case. Cut trans lines to radiator (easier to do this than disconnect) - buy compression fitting at Menards for re-installation. You will need a LONG extention and swivel sockets to remove the belhousing bolts. Most of the time you will need to loosen the exahaust. When re-installing torque converter, make sure it is seated TIGHT to trans - otherwise you will bust the thans. Take lots of pictures - to make sure you get it back the way it was.

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2008-04-11 17:55:50
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Q: How hard is it to remove transmission from 1991 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4?
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