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=== === == == The process of replacing the equipment that comprises your service is simple and straightforward.

1. Get a permit.

2. A trained person cuts the service conductors so that they don't interfere with the utility company lines [so they can splice back in]!

3. Remove the circuit conductors from the old panel.

4. Demolish the old service.

5. Install the new service.

6. Reconnect the circuit conductors.

7. Tie the new service cable back into the utility lines.

8. Call for inspection.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: How hard is it to upgrade if you have a 100 Amp service and want to change to 200 Amp with a new breaker panel?
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Can you change a 100 amp main breaker to a 200 amp main breaker if you also upgrade the service wire from the meter outside and your electrical panel itself is a brand new 100A box?

Your main breaker cannot exceed the rating of your panel.

What is installing a circuit breaker?

It is inserting a breaker into a service panel.

Can you upgrade a 100A main circuit breaker to a higher amp?

It depends on a number of factors. The size of the service wires, the meter rating, the main breaker panel rating, etc. will have to be rated for the amperage you want to go up to.

What is an service panel?

The place where the power drop from the electric company enters your house. The service panel is where the fuses or breaker switches are.

When do you know if you need an electrical service upgrade?

1) If you are tripping the main breaker and you do not have an electrical fault in the home. 2) If you are installing additional circuits or appliances and you expect to exceed 80% of the load capacity of the existing service panel.

How do you determine if my electrical panel is three phase?

To determine if the electrical panel is three phase or single phase look at the main breaker or fused disconnect. If the breaker is a two pole breaker then the panel is a single phase panel. If the main breaker is a three pole then the service is a three phase system.

What is the minimum size breaker panel for a home main service?

50 amps

What is the minimum size breaker panel for a home's main service?

50 amps

Can you replace a 100 amp panel with a 200 amp panel using the same wires coming from meter?

No the service wires need to be upgrade to 3/0 copper or 250 mcm aluminum. This will require a power company to disconnect so you can upgrade the service. These wires are always hot unless the power company disconnects from their source. Do it right pull a permit and upgradeAdditional information:Some meter base boxes include a shutoff/breaker. If you are only looking for additional space inside the breaker panel, and do not upgrade to a higher amperage breaker inside the meter base, you actually CAN use the same wire, provided that it is long enough to reach into the new breaker panel. The breaker of the meter base protects from the over-current condition.If you have the shutoff in the meter base, you will obviously be able to disconnect service while you perform the necessary changes. While you are working on the service, lock-out the meter base access to prevent anyone from turning the power back on.It is still recommended that you pull a permit and work with a qualified electrician.

Breaker box is full?

You have two options, one is a complete service change. The average house service these days is 200 amps 42 circuits. The second option is to install a sub panel off the existing service. Depending on how many circuits you need will govern the size the sub panel. Here is where it gets tricky. Two side by side single pole breakers or one two pole breaker will have to be removed from the original service panel and replaced with a new two pole breaker. The size of this breaker will be governed by the total load of the new sub panel. The wire from the new sub panel to the two pole breaker is also governed by the load of the sub panel. As an electrician I would recommend that you not do it yourself but get a qualified electrician to do it for you. He would (should) take a permit out for the job and get it inspected.

What is the minimum size breaker panel required for a homes main service?

50 amps

What is the biggest circuit breaker in a house?

The biggest circuit breaker in any home is the main breaker located in your main breaker panel that is installed where your electrical service cable comes into your home.

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