How hard it is to purchase a property with back taxes in lemoore California?

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The Kings County Tax Collector holds public auctions of tax-defaulted properties in Lemoore and all towns in the county. These tax sales are conducted online. You have to put down a deposit in advance of the auction and the winning bidder is obligated to purchase the property. These properties are sold as is, so make sure to research and inspection before you bid.
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How can you avoid negative tax ramifications for the transfer of the title and loan of a property from parent to a child in California for a property that was purchased 4 years ago?

Prop. 58 . \nYou need to file a Propositon 58 with the Assessor's office. This is an exclusion for reassessment when the transfer of the real property is between parent and child. To get the full exclusion you must file within 3 years of the tranfer/recoradation, otherwise the exclusion would be ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in California?

Sales Tax . No you do not. Sales tax is what businesses use to pay to the state. It's the "state's share" on a taxable item. A private party seller is not a business, so legally they cannot charge a sales tax. For example they cannot sell a car for $2,000 plus tax. However, you WILL have to pay a ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay dmv tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in California?

Yes, as a buyer in a private party vehicle sale, you will need to pay the use tax. Use tax is calculated based on the sales tax rate in your residence county. You can find more information on CA state vehicle registration at the following DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV - page: http://www ( Full Answer )

Can you purchase property by paying back taxes?

Answer . In some cases, yes, you can, but it depends on whether the bank, county, state or whoever is selling it has other criteria on the purchase. Probably will be some fees along with the back taxes and don't forget, even though someone has "lost" their property because they haven't paid the ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay the taxes for the entire year on property purchased in October?

No, most of the time. The entity who pays real estate taxes which accrues to property, regardless of the ownership period, is generally established by agreement between the parties.. Most of the time, real estate, ad valorum taxes are pro-rated. That is, the taxes due, are divided by the length o ( Full Answer )

I Purchased property seller will not give me the deed he says i have to pay back taxes first what do i do?

Depends on how the deal was structured. . And depending in which state the sale was performed. . In most instances Being that is was done through escrow, the full due diligence was performed. But again you are vague as to how this deal went down. . Was it cash? . Financed through a bank or Lendi ( Full Answer )

Do canadians have to pay California vehicle sales tax when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership?

I had a dealer tell me they have to charge the tax, but I looked here: Purchases for Use Outside California . A purchaser is not required to pay California use tax if the only use of the property purchased in California is to remove it from the state and ( Full Answer )

Does a California non profit museum pay sales tax for purchases in new york?

If the purchase is online or by catalog you are subject only to tax from you're state. If your organization has a 501(c)3 status you may give the purchasing company your tax exempt ID number if they require it. As sales tax is a state institution unless that state has an agreement with another sta ( Full Answer )

How much are property taxes in Vallejo California?

it depends on the price of the home you purchase. the less the appraised value is, the less you pay in taxes. the higher the more money spent on taxes. its safe to say about 1.25% of your home purchase price is due annually. for example a 169k home purchased would be 2112 bucks per year. payable in ( Full Answer )

How much is property tax in California?

The property tax in California can vary from year to year. However, to calculate the California property tax for one's home is quite simple. The tax can not exceed more than 1% of the home's value and can not increase more than 2% from the previous year.

How do you find property to buy by paying back taxes?

You should contact your town assessor's office to see if there is a list of properties that have been siezed for non-payment of property taxes. You should also inquire if there is a tax sale scheduled. They should be able to provide you with a sheet that explains the procedure for bidding at a tax s ( Full Answer )

Is it hard to get a home equity line of credit if the property taxes are unpaid?

The lender will require that you pay any liens on your property before it will loan you any money. In most jurisdictions, the office that is handling the legal portion of the financing will have the title checked and will order a certificate from the town that will list any municipal charges that ar ( Full Answer )

We are in a lease to purchase agreement on a home. We pay taxes each month to the seller. The property taxes have not been paid by the seller to the courthouse Is this legal?

You must read your lease/purchase agreement carefully to see whether the method of handling taxes was specifically addressed (I hope it was) and how this is being handled by your property owner. Even in a standard mortgage agreement (where the mortgage is held by a lending institution) the lender ( Full Answer )

How much sales tax will you pay on a new car purchased in California?

State is now 8% but it could be more depending on where you buy it. Different cities/counties add to the basic tax. Some places are nearly 10%. Our registration fees have now doubled too, so if you get a new car think of that. My Pruis will now run me 250.00 for a 5 year old car this is up from the ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate California property tax?

Its all based on the city and county you live in. Contact the assessors office in your city and they will tell you exactly. You can reduce your tax assessed if your property value dropped in recent years. Do not over pay!

Can California garnish unemployment payments for back taxes?

California will attempt to take money from anybody for anything, including states which with they have made reciprocal arrangements. In some "hardship" circumstances, you can outmaneouver them, but you are better off getting your back taxes reduced or eliminated, as back taxes accrue interest and ( Full Answer )

If you pay back property taxs on somebodys mobile home is it mine?

from what i believe (depending on the county/state) you wouldn't be paying the taxes on the mobile home, but rather the land it is sitting on. This is usually referred to as a tax lien. But most states have a set amount of time that you have to pay the back taxes on before you can obtain the prope ( Full Answer )

Can someone purchase land for unpaid taxes if there is no home on the property and original owner is deceased?

The first step would be to find out if the previous owner granted her/his interest in the land to a third party after their deaths, or whether the property "escheated" to the state because there were no heirs ascertainable. If the land was seized because the owner paid no taxes , the municipality ( Full Answer )

What is the closest airport to lemoore California?

he nearest major airport is Visalia Municipal Airport (VIS / KVIS). This airport has domestic flights from Visalia, California and is about 22 miles from the center of Lemoore, CA.

What is the California tax credit for purchasing a transit pass?

The Federal tax code allows the use of tax-free dollars to pay fortransit commuting and parking costs through employer-sponsoredprograms. Commuter tax benefits are regulated by the InternalRevenue Code, Section 132(f)-Qualified Transportation Fringe. As ofJanuary 2013, the tax code allows tax-free t ( Full Answer )

Can a lawyer sue for a foreclosed property for back municipal taxes?

A lawyer we consulted said yes we could. Our situation: We sold and carried a 3 year note, we had to foreclose on the note after the 3 years, during which the buyer did not pay the county property taxes. Amount we're suing for in a Civil Case for unpaid property taxes is approx. $23K, This is unde ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if there are back taxes owed on a property?

To find out if back property taxes are owed on property (real estate or personal property) call your local city or county treasurer's office. Some cities and counties have tax collectors or assessors who handle this function. If you are buying real estate your title insurance company will investigat ( Full Answer )

Does annual property tax depends on purchasing cost?

In most states in the United States the annual property tax does not depend on the purchase price or acquisition cost. Only is certain states like California are property assessments and taxes associated with the most recent sales price. Property assessments and taxes within the United States vary f ( Full Answer )

Can the California franchise tax board levy on out of state property or bank account?

Yes, but the FTB would need to go through a judicial process designed to gain the target state's bank. If it were a bank in, say Nevada, and it was a Nevada corporate account, that would take quite a while for the FTB if they could do it at all. Added: If the bank in question was a branch of a ba ( Full Answer )

Once a property is sold for delinquent property taxes can the former owner get it back?

You need to check the right of redemption period in your jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions you have a year to redeem the property. However, you will need to pay the costs associated with the tax sale. In other jurisdictions the sale is made through a judicial process that forever bars your right ( Full Answer )

How do you purchase property that the heirs refuse to pay the taxes on?

You should visit the tax assessor's office and ask if there is a tax taking procedure pending. The town can take possession of the property through a legal process when the owner is delinquent on paying their property taxes. Once the land has been taken the town can sell it to a new owner. You shou ( Full Answer )

Can you get your property tax back if you retire?

Retirement doesn't qualify you for a property tax abatement, but your age may. Some state in the United States, but not all, have tax relief programs for senior citizens. They typically have an age requirement (say 65 and over) and the tax savings may depend on your household income and assets. Ask ( Full Answer )

How do you get back a property purchased on someone's name?

Ownership of real property is transferred by a deed. The grantee on that deed is the new owner. If you want to own that same land you need to ask the owner to transfer it to you by a new deed listing you as the grantee. Property should never be purchased in someone else's name.

How many years back can you claim for the real property tax credit?

Property tax credit, or any type of tax return or credit, cantypically only be claimed within the first three years of therelevant year. Unfortunately, there isn't any statute oflimitations the other way around, and property taxes can still becollected after many years.

What is property tax?

Property taxes are taxes on the value of owned property. Sometimes they are classified as either specific or ad. PropertySpecific taxes are of a fixed amount based on a number, or standardof weight or measurement. Ad property taxes are based on a fixedproportion of the value of the property with re ( Full Answer )

What are the average property taxes in San Joaquin county California?

The property tax is determined by the value of the land and houseso it can vary. Another factor is when the house and land wasbought or sold. The date can determine the property tax. In the1970's a tax plan was put into place that determine what ahomeowner pays.